All Fired UP….And then I….

….fell asleep.



On the ONE day that I can totally fuck my brains out*…I fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow. If any of you have chronic insomnia like me, you understand that this is a total blessing. No tossing, no turning, just *splat* and out like a light!

If any of you have to edge yourself and let yourself ‘dangle’ in the depths of horny despair for 24 hours before you’re allowed to have an orgasm, then you understand that kind of torment, too.

And when the two bits up there have a collision course with exhaustion….and meet up on that  ONE night that I’m allowed to have a free orgasm?

I’m fucked. And … unfucked.

And still fucking horny.

Is it Tuesday yet?


* it occurred to me that if you’re a relatively new reader here –you may not know that Master only allows me to have one measly orgasm…I mean, (just in case He reads this post!), Master graciously allows me to have one precious and wonderful orgasm, each week, on Tuesday. 😀



5 thoughts on “All Fired UP….And then I….

    1. oh yeah…boy do I have a part two for this one…I can hear you chuckling all the way up here, JB. Doms!


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