HNT~In the Gloaming

Just before bed, as the dark has settled around the house, and I’m just about ready to slip into something wonderful…my bed…this happens…

2016-04-10 21.47.50

I snap a pic or two or three and send it along to Him…and now, to you, pervie peeps.

7 thoughts on “HNT~In the Gloaming

  1. A fantastic pair of twins.. I think I flow over your house on Tuesday and today we have just had a week in new york

    1. 😀 LOTS of planes fly over my house–Massachusetts being SO small and all..I wave at some of them, so perhaps it was you I waved at the other day.

      NY is AMAZING. I hope you totally enjoyed every second.


      1. Just a fantastic time. Meet my niece first time for 7 month very emotional and watching my wife sing in carnigy hall almost as good as sex

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