Weekend Fun

I had a weekend slowdown–a truly rare event–and got to spend time with my dear friend Jz. She and I have a good level of snark together, we find many of the same things amusing, and we are also quite giggly about our Doms. We had lunch and did some shopping and talked and talked.

On my way home, I stopped to see M, whom I have not seen since our last playtime which was *forever* ago. Seldom have we gone more than a month without some form of contact. He and I shared a decadent dessert, some tea, and a nice time to sit and be together.

When I got home, and settled, I felt this tickle in my throat. Allergies,I supposed, altogether likely as things are blossoming like crazy here in the Northeast. In the middle of the night, waking with wild fever chills, body aches, and a sudden wicked sore throat, my first thought was “Omg if I made M sick he’ll KILL me” followed by “and I hope I didn’t infect Jz too…” and then it was back to sleep and shivering for me.

I texted M later. His response was predictably mean.

“If I get sick from you, I’m going to boil your earlobes…and nipples.”

Go ahead, laugh. It’s not YOUR nipples at stake now, is it?? Hmmm? Okay, I giggled too, and told him he was being mean. He told me to get healthy soon, as he wanted me in full spirits when he does the boiling.

It’s weird, I know, but it’s love, too.

(please don’t get sick please don’t get sick!)

In the meantime, I AM writing. I decided to write an entire story before I  publish it so you’ll get the entire thing at once. It’s nearly done, after two weeks. Keep checking back and HOPEFULLY it will be done before week’s end.  In the meantime, be good. And don’t get your Dom sick. Trust me, it won’t be good if you do. 😀



6 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. I’m putting my faith in my hug-avoidant nature!
    (That and the fact that we didn’t double dip in the onion ring sauce…) ;-p
    Feel better soon, chica.

  2. Oh, i can just picture you and Jz having a blast. Sweet. And so glad you got to see M too. Fingers crossed that you didn’t get him sick – I would hate for you to have to suffer through nipple boiling. Pain slut that you are, i still think that would be a bit over the top.

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