HNT~Tortured (from afar)


you will lean over the bed and let those big floppy tits hang free.  Put the clamps with the chain on. After 30 seconds, you will add the first weight. After every thirty seconds add another weight, continuing this process until all the weights are on. When they are on, you will whisper “Master is omnipotent” for a full minute, letting those nipples strain and ache for me.

12 thoughts on “HNT~Tortured (from afar)

    1. LOL…it was a bit more painful than I imagined. I’m out of practice I guess. Don’t tell him I said that tho…!


    1. I totally did not. 😀 I did, however, manage to hold in my guffaws when he *told* me what to say. I get brownie points for that much, right? 😀


      1. You do, indeed.
        SP once instructed me to address to him as “your always correct holiness”… and I did not get the brownie point. ;-D
        (but I’m pretty sure he was neither surprised nor disappointed) *grin*

    1. she’s so right though…I almost died holding back the guffaws when he told me what to say. 😀


    1. Ah but you didn’t see it with all six weights on it, Tip. Nor, thinking about it…FEEL it. I could send them to you, you know, to try it out?



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