Good Thing ima Good Girl

Oh, last night was torture. No if’s, ands, or buts about it. I was already primed. So horny. Twitchy. Aching.

And then the two “primer” half-o’s.

I even puttered around my bedroom throwing occasional glances at the bed, then shying away from it, nervous. I knew it would be hard. Knew it would be torture. Knew he’d be home and chortling to himself about this terribly difficult task he had set me to.

So. Fucking. Needy.

But I finally set up my slut-spot, got the lube and the vibes and slid, more than a wee bit reluctantly, into bed. I had a feeling that I’d rev up quickly, and I was right! It didn’t take more than a little playing before I began to be hot, before my toes squiggled, before my body was ripe and responsive to what was happening. My nipples puckered, and I was moaning softly. He likes it when I go as close to the edge as I can, then stop. It makes it all the harder to stop, all the harder to bear.

But I did it.

Good girl.

I wait until I cool a bit before I start again. The second trial is so much worse than the first! It takes nearly no time to go from zero to OMG. I could feel my pussy clenching, straining for the final fulfillment.

And I stopped.

Quivering, quaking, head-tossing, I was kicking my feet and gritting my teeth and whining.

Yes, there was whining. Sorry if that spoils your picture of me as a perfect slut.

But wait…there’s more…

I thought about defying Him.

Does that shock you? It sure shocked me. But how badly did I want to throw caution to the wind, forget he’s my Dom and Master and say ‘fuck it’ and finish pounding my pussy until I squirted all over the room? Yes, *that* badly.

And yet.

Years of obedience. Of following his commands, despite the distance. And wanting to please him even though I also really REALLY wanted to please my aching cunt. This, dear pervie readers, was one of the hardest things, to give up my pleasure for His, when I was SO so so so sos so so soooo needing to come. When my entire being was shouting for release. And yet, I did it. No lie, it was SO HARD to stop. To slip out of bed and put the toys away with a wet and throbbing pussy.

But do it I did.

Good thing too, because when I told him of  my near defiance, he reminded me very firmly of his hand over me…no matter how far away. And that He would be right there ready to punish me if I did carry out my wanton desires over his.

With an enema bag.




4 thoughts on “Good Thing ima Good Girl

  1. Ahh…so glad for you that you made the right choice…..but then it would have been interesting reading ..the enema bag…no , I really am glad that you chose the right path…
    hugs abby

  2. O, i know how you feel about the enema bag! Yep, good thing you are a good girl. But wait – when do you actually get to cum again????

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