Wow, What a Time!

I know.

You thought I meant time with M, didn’t you? That was mean of me, I know. I haven’t seen him in forever. And I really, really miss that, you know? It looks like we’ll get some time in June, playtime, and maybe, if I cross my fingers and twirl around three times and whisper a prayer on a Unicorns horn, I might get to see him before I go visit a fellow blogging friend for a few days.

That’s a big maybe.

I took on another task (foolish, foolish me) and that has pretty much gobbled up my free time. Well that, and gardens. Suddenly EVERYTHING here has popped and I’m spending as much time as possible outside, even knowing that all you pervie peeps are sitting at home with your fingers at the ready, waiting to jack off to one of my sexy little tales.

And I’m empty.

I feel bad for abandoning you all just now. I hate disappointing people. I have so much going on (don’t we all) that I don’t even have time for fantasies while I’m sleeping-I fall into my bed and BOOM, I’m out (and you all know what a challenge I have with insomnia, so that’s pretty much a miracle that I’m not complaining about!)

After my visit, after I get caught up on things post-visit…life will settle into summer quiet. A lot of things that I’m obligated to will end for the season, and things kick back a notch or two or three. I feel a bit guilty about longing for that…but nonetheless–I AM longing for it!

Have a great week, peeps, and once I’m safely in the south, I’ll have some time to write for all you all. 😀


2 thoughts on “Wow, What a Time!

  1. i’m thinking that a man could get a very good night sleep on that chest. Maybe wake up once in a while and pull on a nipple or two with their teeth. Yep, a guy could enjoy those tit’s. Tip

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