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HNT~Rose Isn’t Just a Flower…

I debated about doing HNT this week, as last week I completely forgot I’d auto-set a post and  posted a SECOND photo later that same afternoon…! But M has his rules and HNT weekly is one of them. This pic … Continue reading

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HNT~A Nip in Time

sssssskids into Thursday afternoon just before work…..hey pervie peeps! Better late than never, right?  I sent a copy of this to M a few days ago with the caption “Wish you were here” and an arrow pointing to my nipple. … Continue reading

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HNT- Black Lace

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HNT~If You’ve Been to a Better Picnic Than This I Want to See It!

(title courtesy of nilla’s Master) *blushing furiously* Yeah. Here it is. Crepe-tastic Thursday to you perv’s..

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I don’t get all hot and bothered over being humiliated. Or so I’d like to think. Master isn’t really all that into it…oh, he teases, and says naughty things, but it’s a rare day when he actually uses humiliation as … Continue reading

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When He Laughs…nilla cringes…

ON the ride home tonight, I call Him. We’ve not seen each other in several weeks and I crave even this small contact…and then I remember the last text he’d sent me about the 2 half-o’s on my plate for … Continue reading

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Whoops! uhm…Anyone for Free the Girls Friday?

Yup. I missed it, HNT day. My total bad. Did I mention that life has been super crazy–it is for most everyone I know, these days. Forget about sitting outside and staring up at the sky with a cuppa..hahaha! And … Continue reading

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And So the Punishment Arrives

After hoping that He’d do it and get it over with…(and a few threats that were less than thinly veiled…) my beloved M came down with the East Coast Crud. It hits hard and fast and brutally, and He was … Continue reading

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  When we don’t get time to be with one another, my world is colorless…

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Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls…

  “Yes, I agree, slut. Those are all perfectly valid reasons why you fell asleep before you did my two required half-O’s.  However, it also doesn’t matter.  I make the rules–you are expected to follow them. Always.”   A lesson and … Continue reading

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