Whoops! uhm…Anyone for Free the Girls Friday?


I missed it, HNT day. My total bad. Did I mention that life has been super crazy–it is for most everyone I know, these days. Forget about sitting outside and staring up at the sky with a cuppa..hahaha! And remembering to post a pic of my tits? hahahahahaha…!

But it’s an obligation from M, and I need to make it up to ya’ll…so I’ll have to go scrolling through my oldies to see what’s in there…be right back…

There…how about…this?


Not sure exactly when this is from…my hair is really short, so maybe 3 years ago? Four?

Hmm…how about…


This one is way more recent, and I don’t think I’ve used it before. Someone will be sure to point it out to me if I have. 😀

warm boobs

I could use this one too…it’s been pretty chilly up here in the northeast. Even snowed some on Mt. Washington.

Well, at least I’ve covered my bases and bought some time before next week. New pix. Soon. Or at least by next Thursday…!


4 thoughts on “Whoops! uhm…Anyone for Free the Girls Friday?

  1. Can’t think of a better way to start the day than with 3 doses of Nilla Tit’s . It’s going to be a great day. My eyes are sort of like when you go to the eye doc and get them dilated. Tip

  2. It’s great when you forget to post😃. to make up 3 pics of your fantastic Tits. Thanks Nilla you are the best😀

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