HNT~A Nip in Time

sssssskids into Thursday afternoon just before work…..hey pervie peeps! Better late than never, right? 

I sent a copy of this to M a few days ago with the caption “Wish you were here” and an arrow pointing to my nipple. He replied that it needed a large, heavy clamp.

I almost swooned.

Aaaah, of such simple things are a D/s relationship made!


5 thoughts on “HNT~A Nip in Time

  1. Shame its only 1 foto. A request i need cheering up after the britex 😣shamful vote. You always seem to bring my spirits up with your fantastic body😘

    1. well you’ll get two THIS week as I totally blew it and forgot to post. 😀 Sorry about Britex. 😦


    1. glitter on my nails, and glitter in my spirit…it’s all there. 😀 And a fun manicure is …fun…on occasion!


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