HNT~Rose Isn’t Just a Flower…

I debated about doing HNT this week, as last week I completely forgot I’d auto-set a post and  posted a SECOND photo later that same afternoon…! But M has his rules and HNT weekly is one of them. This pic was taken two weeks ago, after my beloved Master had me go at my own tits. It wasn’t awful–but it was a wicked turn on. This was a variation of turning me on that he’d not done to me before. And it worked. I was a horny slut all weekend…it did give my boobs a nice rosy glow, however. And doesn’t everyone like rosy tits?


8 thoughts on “HNT~Rose Isn’t Just a Flower…

    1. Yeah, but it was clever and good.
      He’s really devious in getting me wound up, that’s for sure.


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