When Relaxing MUST Happen

You may have noted the dearth of posts of late–my free time (what wee bit of it there was to begin with) was suctioned away by a HUGE home maintenance project for these last several weeks. It’s driving me fucking (oops, sorry Jz–I heard that *beeep*!) FREAKING crazy.

Don’t get me wrong, though.

I’m really proud of my skillset. Proud that I can maintain 99% of household projects of this ilk, and not need to call in a handy-dandy man to come fix it for the poor widdle woman. Yes, that was sarcasm. Let’s move on. 😀

ON the other hand, it’s sucked away any and all free time. Not to mention the two volunteer projects I said “yes” to in recent weeks. As Jz said when I visited her this weekend, with a delicately arched brow…”what were you thinking?” When I told her I really could say ‘no’, she merely arched that brow higher. Yeah. I know, all evidence to the contrary.

All this means that I’ve not had time to write, think, dream or otherwise engage in events that really do gladden my little pornographic heart, and dampen my panties. Not for nilla is there time for fantasy fodder. Not for nilla is there even a wisp of a thought of some random naughtiness.

It’s very unlike me, isn’t it?

And yet–it’s summer. And in summer we northern clime peeps tend to do a shitload  (oops!) humongous amount of things that we can’t really get to/do because of inclement cold weather. Not to mention that unmentionable “s” word.  So for the next 3 or 4 weeks I’m going to be nipples-deep in projects, and semi-neglecting you. And when I get a moment to surface and grab a snatch…of AIR you pervs….I’ll continue to work on the two stories that are sitting in my ‘unfinished’ folder. They’ll patiently wait there until I add more words.

So you be good and wait patiently…or, don’t be good–and enjoy the hell out of whatever fulfills you!

I did take a wee break, 20 solid hours of doing NOTHING I HAD TO DO. I spent time with Jz, talking and eating and chillin’. I slept more than 6 hours straight, and woke refreshed and calm and quiet in my head. It was a wonderful demi-weekend visit. No rules, no schedule to keep, no obligations. Just time with my good friend. A friend who also has a wicked humor that’s pretty much on an equal par with her…dare I say it…klutz skills. Yeah, if I entered her in the county fair under ‘most likely to hurt herself with a tissue’ SHE SURE HAS THAT BLUE RIBBON SEWED UP !!  (Okay, maybe not a tissue, but truly the most innocuous things seem to go out of their way to harm and attack this woman!) (that’s what we’ll say Jz, not that you’re a klutz, that you’re merely under attack by the world around you!) Since I too am a klutz, I feel I can pretty accurately judge a fellow klutz-a-maniac. And she puts me to shame. (NOT that I plan on trying harder. I’ll leave the hurtin’ of nilla bits to Master, thank you very much!)

I’m working on…if not exactly correcting my language, perhaps softening it is a better phrase? I’ve been more than generous with my use of ‘fuck’ as a verb, noun, adjective, adverb–it’s a very handy word to have in the tool box, you know? But as I’ve now been scolded by family, AND Master for overuse of it, it is past time to give it a rest. Jz hit upon a lovely way of helping me, since I wasn’t even noticing how much I was using it. She ‘beeped’.  And I laughed and corrected and redirected. After all, I have a fabulous vocabulary. But if I’m multitasking with just ‘fuck’ I’m really not showing that diversity of language, am I?

Thank you, Jz, for fun and food and rest and conversations. And beeping. 😀 Ya’ll, it cannot be overstated how wonderful it is to be able to sit in a comfy chair and talk about anal fisting and nipple piercing without judgement! It’s not a hidden-away subject, we’re sitting there and talking and sharing our thoughts, and our reasons for revulsion and the crazy things that turn us on and….and…it’s just very, very neat to have that kind of friendship. And close enough for me to visit semi-regularly. It’s a blessing, to be sure!


One thought on “When Relaxing MUST Happen

  1. The pleasure was all mine… including the beeping! ;-p

    (Tho’ I would like to state for the record that the worst mishap I’ve ever had with a tissue did NOT involve drawing blood. Just… you know… accidentally supergluing one onto the four fingertips of my right hand. Nothing at ALL like the encounter with the bloodthirsty cucumber!)


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