Did I Just End Us?

Time will tell.

But sometimes you have to air out the grievances. If he and I can’t work it out after 7 years, then it’s time to be done.

I’m not looking for a playmate, a new Master, a Dom.

My vanilla life is full and fine and happy and busy as (sorry Jz) Fuck-all. So if He doesn’t have time for me, or we can’t come to some terms that work for us both, then maybe it is time to be done.

See? You all need to see that this D/s thing has it’s downs as well as it’s ups. And maybe some of the down is because I’ve not had time for any play with him since the early winter. And that sucks and pulls us away from one another. And we’ve missed even seeing one another for nearly two months.

I remember a time when that would have killed me.

Now I fill up that time with work. I’m a working maniac, did you know that? A million and one projects and no dominant around to beat the fuck out of me. (Maybe that’s what I really need after all…)


6 thoughts on “Did I Just End Us?

  1. Good for you for speaking your truth. I got to read the next post before this one, so i already know it has a relatively happy ending – yay for that!! ❤

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