Aaand…We’re Okay (With a Side of HNT)

The good thing is that i’ve learned to communicate with him without being confrontational. (that’s a major step for me in all walks of life, btw)

Yeah, things weren’t great, and I’ve had issues piling up. But laying them out for him gave him the opportunity to handle them his way, while still making sure that he heard what I was saying.

It’s a cautious tight-rope being a submissive with an issue, isn’t it?

He wrote back this morning, and said he understood where I was coming from. That he’ll throw me a bone now and then (that was not a euphemism!) and not ignore me quite so much. It’s really, really hard for both of us as we’re both working many days and virtually no free time to even think about spending time with one another. Play time? Pfft. Yeah. Right. I was hoping that this summer we’d have time, but my schedule isn’t easing up at all, nor is his. So we’ll continue to make it work as best we can. I love him…and suspect he feels the same though he’d never say it out loud. That’s just the kind of Dom he is. So things won’t change *much* but I didn’t need them too, not much. I like who he is, and accept that (you can’t make someone be what they’re not, after all) he’ll always be parsimonious with his praises. If I didn’t accept that, I’d have been gone years ago, right? We’re not falling right back into the same-old, same-old, but we are pushing forward.

And maybe I’ll get to see him before the Fall (sigh)–and that’s 100% on me, btw. At least we know where we stand. And HE knows how i’ve been feeling about things. (Doms are not mind readers, so I’ve discovered! He needs to know what is circling in my head.)

And…it’s HNT day. What better way to heave a sigh of relief than with a tity pic? Guys get morning wood…and nilla gets morning nipple…!

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words of support. I really wasn’t sure if we’d just call it a day and say we were done. And we’re not, and life is good.


6 thoughts on “Aaand…We’re Okay (With a Side of HNT)

  1. i didn’t think either one of you would walk away, really….but it is scary to be in those moments-especially when your need is high, and you don’t have the luxury of seeing and touching each other when you talk. i do hope that you both manage to demand some time from life for each other. i’m a big believer that this makes you a better mom. 😀

  2. yay and yay. it sucks having that feeling that maybe walking away is just the better option. i’m glad it isn’t the option you both took. 🙂

  3. Glad for you both😀. Now if I was M I would have you over my knee for thinking that way😜. That nipple of yours is screaming out for attention (lips,clamps or teeth) I am hearing. Would love to see another pancake photo i bet it will chear you up🤗. Have a great weekend

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