Perverse (and Perverted!)

He really is perverse. I was *so* mad at him the other day. (This was after the email, which he had replied to and all was well.)

He wasn’t following the rules.

I got a bit pissy. Not snarky, but I skirted at the very edge of appropriate responses. He ignores some, replies to others  in this totally bland manner that makes me insane, and never, ever gets angry with me.



So I spent the day in a mental huff, and barely ‘spoke’ to him (which he really doesn’t care about either…damn him!) via text, and almost, almost didn’t do my Monday task. The dreaded two-half-O task.


I lay in bed fuming, saying ‘fuck Him’. I’m NOT gonna do it.

But then I thought…”Fuck…the rules for me don’t change just because I’m annoyed/pissed.”

“Fuck him.”

But I rolled out of bed, and performed the two fucking half o’s and then sent him a very snarky text.

The next evening we talked on the phone as I drove home from work. When I told him I was really mad at him yesterday, he laughed and said “I know. It was a great day!”


He was not only unaffected by my huff, he was amused by it?

“You’re so fucking perverse, Master.”

“Not at all,” he responds. “This has nothing to do with you, nilla. And it has everything to do with me, and my pleasure. If you’re mad, so what? I don’t care if you’re mad at me, I like it when you’re engaged, mad, whatever.”

I had to ponder that one for a bit. If a Dom wants a reaction from a sub, it isn’t always pleasure. HIS pleasure comes from my displeasure.

(I was very displeased. Just sayin’…)

But having him lay it out like that for me, kind of brought it home in a different way. And then he says,

“You know, nilla, that’s why I have the big D, and you, the small s.”

I sighed. He is right, of course.

And then he throws this out. That he’s gotten a new toy, a new instrument of torment. And can’t wait to use it. Can’t wait.

Makes me guess what it could be.

What it might be.

Leads me to it, clue by clue.

Something you use in the rain. Something you use in your car. Something that will cause great pain. Something that is both metal and rubber….

A fucking windshield wiper blade.

I’ll let you know how that turns out….

One thought on “Perverse (and Perverted!)

  1. lol, I’m sorry nilla but this made me happy, reliving memories of David. He used to do that, torque me up until I was fizzing over with displeased, uncomfortable, angry, the absolute need to please him, what ever he was going for (although his favorite was unsure. He loved to watch this rules girl navigate without a map. It was the thing that made me most uncomfortable). I almost never saw it coming either he made it happen so naturally it never seemed preplanned. I think the best part for him though was when I realized he had done it a’purpose, watching me wrestle myself back into my place from there. God, I loved that man.

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