Well, Hmmm

Had an amazing and fun visit with the ever-entertaining Jz this weekend. We talked and laughed and lounged…something I rarely do (okay, I talk and laugh a lot, but lounging, not so much).

Wherein I was reminded (note I didn’t say ‘remonstrated’) for the reason for non-lounging was entirely of my own creation…

..because…I can’t say no.

And not because I’m a slut or a submissive or anything that would speak well of my status in the D/s world, my peeps.

Does that make me a saver (oh, they’re asking *me* because they know it will get done on time, properly, with all the connect-the-dots I’m infamous for?)…or an idjit who has no sense of self-preservation.

“I thought you were leaving that job, nilla…”

“um, er, I was but…”

“You said yes to WHAT??? And you’ve spent 20o hours this summer on it??? Are YOU NUTS??!”

Okay she didn’t say I was nuts. Er…well, you know Jz. She has an absolutely eloquent way of drawing one up short and blinking with nary a cuss word. Nope. She has class, friends, and a wit that makes you laugh even when you’re stopping to self-examine your head.



Damned if I know. But from this point forward I’ll have her pointed look reminding me the next time someone pegs me as the perfect person to head up their project…and I’ll definitely be able to ‘just say no’….!

And despite all that, she still agreed to take me to my favorite Chinese place.

She’s a good ‘un, our Jz. A really enjoyably fun weekend– with a little nudge of redirection thrown in for good measure. I tell you, she has mad skillz. And even better? She’s a really great, caring, thoughtful friend.  Not everyone has a friend like that in their life.


2 thoughts on “Well, Hmmm

  1. Errrr… ummmm….
    I’z blushing
    (but thank you for noting the paraphrase, cuz I was reading that, thinking, “I didn’t say she was nuts…”) ;-D

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