The “Official” Blogaversary!

Well, isn’t that a hoot? WordPress sends a little “happy anniversary” greeting.  August 31, 2009…sometimes it seems like yesterday, you know? And then I think about all that’s gone on in my life, all that “growing up” one does when you get into this D/s thing for the long term. Yeah, it wasn’t really yesterday, else there’d be a hella lot of lessons learned that would be lost, right?

Like when we look back on our youth and say “gosh I so would not want to be 18 again”…I so would not go back to those perilous, wanton, abandoned days of 2009. I would have done anything with anyone, and yet I wound up with a Sir, who became my Master who turned out to be a good man, and a totally Dominant asshole, too. One who was perfectly suited to push and pull me through my stupidity, give me experiences I would never have dreamed of (they’ll NEVER believe me in the nursing home. They just won’t!) actually trying on my own.

Okay, maybe I dreamed about it, but he taught me how to push to the very edge and yet not fall over into oblivion. He is a ‘safe’ Dom, one of those rare men who knows what he’s doing to me AND for me. He pushes my buttons (all the time, still!) and he holds me safe, too.

Gee, this kinda sounds like a love letter instead of a blogaversary post, doesn’t it? I guess it’s both. The blog came first, but only barely. I was up on fetlife first, then decided what the hell, I’d write the blog I’d been thinking about for months. Write down all those fantasies, and spin tales of wild and sexy abandon. Suspension of belief? I’ve got ya covered!) Then Master wrote me a sassy email about my fet profile, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Thanks for all the years, peeps. The silent readers, and the frequent commentors who have hung in there. I need to make time for more sexy stuff. Can’t leave you all hanging forever now, can I? (go ahead, shoot me some stories that I’ve left you high and dry on and I’ll start working on them. PROMISE.

Now, in the nature of things, one of the first challenging things that I learned to do was posting for HNT. And yes, since I’m posting this before midnight,  it’s not quite Thursday yet. You might remember my dear friend David, a beautiful, sexy Dom who has since left this earthy plane. Thankfully, his amazing way with words live on, on his blog. He helped encourage me to post my first HNT, helped walk me through the process–how to upload a pic, how to get it into the post, all of that technical stuff that I was clueless about. Man, I was SO inept when I first started this gig!

So in honor of everyone who helped me get through the last 7 years of blogging, here’s a special HNT, one of my all-time favorites of my beloved Master and I.


5 thoughts on “The “Official” Blogaversary!

  1. I want to wish you and your blog a happy and anniversary’😀🎂🍾. Such a fantastic blog , I bet in the photo M is the luckiest and happy hand in the world🤗

  2. Happy blogaversary! You and M need to find some time to celebrate! Love reading here…you make me laugh out loud and shake my head in wonder. Isn’t it truly wonderful when all the stars align and we are lucky enough to meet the person who ‘fits’ so nicely.
    hugs abby

  3. Congratulations on your blogversary. Yours was the first BDSM blog I found several years ago. So thank you for the peek into another world.

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