The first slash of the cane was a sharp sting. Oh, the forgotten pain of the thin wooden rod. So simple, so slender, and with that nasty, whippy pliability. So innocuous looking, so light in the hand.

So incredibly painful on the ass. The first blow had made her gasp. By the fifth she was whining, by the time he reached twelve, she was quivering and crying aloud.

“OH! OW! It hurts!”

“Oh please.” The note of derision rode high in his voice. She could picture him there behind her, scoffing at her while shaking his head. He didn’t get it. She wondered if he ever would. How the quick sharp bite of pain was so intense, tied and tangled in the hot ball of slutty need that lived deep inside of her.And yet…despite wanting the beating, needing it for weeks that had rolled into months—it still totally fucking hurt!

“How many was that?”

“Twelve. And they hurt. If you doubt me I can let you see what it feels like, then You can decide if it really hurts.”

“You’ve got a smart mouth on you, slut.”

Her giggle was cut off abruptly. Quickly the next slashes came, one following the other,  with no time to recover, no time to beg, nor time to reconsider her smart-ass comments, or even draw a breath.Her jaw clenched, her body tight, she swore she’d just ride it out. Relief came at last when His hand stroked slowly down her backside, tracing along the lines where welts rose against the pale flesh. It seemed silly that such a thin line could draw so much fire. The heat emanated not just from the welt, but from the surrounding tissue as well. Now her entire ass felt like it had been lit on fire.

She couldn’t move, couldn’t cover her throbbing bottom. Tied with her hands clasped as if in prayer–and wasn’t that an appropriate pose, she mused with an inward grimace–her front half sprawled across the bed, her legs spread on either side of the mattress corner, and tied to the spreader bar to keep her open. Wiggling only made her muscles tighten, which only added to the aching fire. It was true what she’d read…you do forget pain. She needed it–in theory. Craved it–in the simplicity of her thoughts. But the actual getting off on it? That came later. Now was just for getting through. She sucked a breath in through her teeth, knowing that the faint pause wasn’t for her comfort but for whatever He was doing behind her.

His hands moved between her legs; the unmistakable head of the Hitachi settled against her crotch, her body weight holding it snugly against her clit. When He clicked it on, it was mercilessly on ‘high’.

“OH GAWD!” she exclaimed, her entire body jolting. The quick thump of the paddle on her upper thigh made her shriek, though she normally loved it. A nice thuddy blow, the paddle reddened her ass nicely without hurting anywhere near as much as the cane.

But coupled with the heavy vibe teasing at her pussy? Sensory overload. He used the paddle a few more times before moving away. His feet scuffed across the floor, returning at his own pace.

The blow that came next was worse than all the others; she knew immediately it was the clear plastic wand, what had formerly been the device that controlled her Venetian blind. The dog had killed the blinds, but his eyes had lit up as he’d carried the ruined window covering to the trash bin. In moments he’d taken off the long wand, and ssssslapped it across her tits when he’d come back in the house. The welt lasted for hours, the bruise for ten days.

He struck with precision, a long series of lines down her legs, across her taut calves, and then back up. She came, felt the squirting release, when he slashed her ass with it.

“ooooOOOH….toomuchtoomuch,” she wailed.

“Oh stop. You love it. You don’t want me to stop.”

It wasn’t a question, damn Him. He knew she’d use her safeword if she was in jeopardy. But by damn her ass was on fire.

“My ass is on fire, Sir,” she said, her voice quivering.

“I don’t see how it could be…you came like a fucking fire boat. I’ve never seen so much cum from you. Fucking dirty slut. She loves to be spanked so hard she squirts.”

“Besides,” He purred, bending so his face was near hers. She could see the fire in her ass had lit one in his eyes. They gleamed, deep-glittering flickers of pleasure. It made her hornier than hell. “…you’re so turned on now you’d cry with disappointment if I stopped.”

Also true, damn Him.

“Please…fuck me, Sir. Please please fuck me…!”

If he was fucking her, the beating would at least stop for a while.

“Not yet, pet. Not that you’re not ready…”

His fingers dipped into her aching cunt. Her clit burned now from the unceasing onslaught of the “magic” wand. Her pussy clenched and released in spasms of need -and pleasure.

“…but I’m not.”

The swish in the air was the only warning she got before he once more took up the wand, and painted her backside with His need.

And truth be told, her need, too.

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