When she screamed, he stuffed her panties into her mouth, then slapped her. Ignoring the two fat tears that slipped out of panicked eyes, the frantically shaking head, he slapped her again, harder. Her cheek pinkened, the outline of his fingers clearly delineated.

“When I say roll over, I mean roll over.”

Rising up, he flipped her over, despite her flailing arms. His hips held her down to the floor; he could feel her buttocks churning under his ass as she kicked and bucked. It made his dick hard as fuck to feel her desperate struggles.

Rising, he watched her squirt forward on the hardwood. He loved when they thought they could get away. Catching her ankles, he tugged hard, back towards him. He sank to the floor, letting his hands slide up her thighs, holding her tightly, knowing he was leaving a trail of bruises in the wake of his touch. Reaching up he shoved her skirt up, and slapped her ass. She whimpered, making little kitten noises at every hard slap. Her ass jolted, her body quivered. His hand tugged aside the crotch of her panties, his fingers found her fuckhole.

She might have been fighting but by God her cunt was wetter than the Colorado river. With one hand he tugged down his joggers. His rigid cock popped free, slid right into the burning heat of her pussy. His cock was cocooned in the succulent wet warmth, her straining muscles working along his shaft. She was squealing like a fucking pig now, as he worked himself deeper. She was tight, slick and tight and by God he was going to fuck the fuck right out of her.

His fingers bit into her hips as he pulled her back onto his shaft. He was buried full to the hilt, his balls resting against her swollen pussy. He pulled out, all the way out, and reached under her. She responded so well to being hit, he thought, that it would be fun to see what happened when he slapped her fuckbox. She jolted hard enough at the first blow that he grabbed her hair to hold her in place. The sounds could be used to dub a porno, he mused, before he slapped her again. Her head was tugged back hard, her throat extended as she whined around the panty gag.

“Oh, did that hurt your little pussy? Even more than my big cock ramming up into your belly?”

His tone was mocking, his hand firmly striking her now, hard and fast. Just the way he was going to fuck her in a moment. He might explode if he kept going. He could feel her meaty lips begin to swell, could see them hot and red, beckoning him to enter, to take. Grabbing her hips again, he pumped himself into her as he tugged her back. They came together with a loud smack, followed by moans. She was so fucking hot, so wet. His cock seemed to grow longer, harder, the intense throbbing increasing his need to pummel her slick fuck hole.

He fucked like a man possessed, his cock dipping into, then out so quickly he was a blur. Each time he shoved his dick to the hilt, their bodies came together in a loud slapping crash. Snot and tears rolled down her face, leaving a trail as he fucked her across the floor. He came with a roar, grinding his hips against her swollen vulva, pressing his come deeply into her belly.

“All done, my succulent little fuck hole.What a lovely tight snatch you have.”

He grinned, pulling out of her. With a last hard slap on her ass, he rose. Tucking his cock inside of his pants,  he sauntered to the kitchen, poured himself a glass of water. While he drank, he walked back into the living room.

“Don’t fucking move for an hour, got it?”

When she didn’t reply, he toed her foot.

“If you don’t answer, I’ll get hard again, and fuck you in the ass. And I won’t be nice about it this time.”

Taking her nod for assent, he left the way he came in, through the sliding glass door.

He jogged back up the street to where he’d parked his car. Taking up his cell phone, he made the call.

“She’s all done. Hope she ‘catches’…if not, let me know. I’ll be happy to help you try again.”

He turned on the radio and pulled away from the curb, thinking of his sperm swimming hopefully upstream. By all the gods he loved his work.



8 thoughts on “Fu-ck-ed

    1. Thanks His slut! Gotta have a twist. I almost didn’t, almost just left it bad. But –that’s not how this works for me and the end all but wrote itself!


    1. Thank you colors! It was certainly a fun thing to write, after so many responded how much we all enjoy a dark and dirty tale.


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