An Ode To Master on His Birthday

Master is an interesting Fellow…

sometimes he’s mean and other times? Mellow.

He thinks he’s mean down to his core,
but he has a heart that he can’t ignore.
He gave it to his loving slut, nilla,
She of merry laugh and tits like a pilla,
She holds his heart in secret places,
tied up tight like corset laces.
He is brave and fierce, seems innocuous and kind…
yet truly he loves beating  her pale, round behind!
What they are is wrong…and yet so right…
You’ll hear her serenity scream in the night.
He feeds her cravings with His fist and flogger,
and He knows she’ll write of it coz she’s also a blogger!
A Master of such Grace and Poise might be hard to find
Unless you look towards nilla’s behind.
For there he beats and fucks and plays,
a Dominant force who is sweet…and depraved.
A better man you’ll never meet,
He is canny and classy out on the street.
But behind closed doors, his nature shows
For the Beast within becomes exposed.
His slut is there to feed his need,
to wear the marks of each dirty deed.
She glows with bruises, purple, pink, and red,
a tumbled mess upon His bed.
But a happier pair you’ll never see…
for she loves Him and He loves she.
Master and nilla, a more twisted pair
you shall not find just anywhere.
You might think you know them, these two elder folks,
but if you think they’re  sedate, well, then you are the joke.
Two more depraved people you might never meet,
as they walk right beside you down any old street.
Oh they’re sweet and they’re older on the outside you see,
but inside they are filled with pure depravity.
They like to beat, and be beaten in turn,
they crave it you see, they actually yearn.
Together they are the yin to their yang,
with each lovely slap, and every fierce bang.
A slut and her Master are a wonderful sight,
And a Master like Him is a true delight!
(Happy Birthday Master!)

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