Thanks, Lovely Peeps!

Your comments are all deeply appreciated. I hate being *that* writer who doesn’t write back  to every comment…frankly it’s rude. I’ve tried really hard these last 7 years or so to make sure everyone got a response from me, because I know just how much courage it can take to post a comment on a blog.

I remember shaking when I finally hit ‘send’ and then hoping and praying that it garnered enough attention that the writer would deign to reply to me. It didn’t happen often at first, but when it did, I was giddy for days. Who amongst us doesn’t like feeling special? We ALL do.

And you all are.

Yes. YOU.

Special and precious. And I’ve not been blogging because we have a happy wrinkle in my personal life, which has added a bit more ‘duties’ to my day. Along with a bunch of my other friends, we have a new puppy. It seems to be puppy month in my circle. And he’s adorable and wonderful–and a puppy. Eighty-eight thousand treks outside to work on housebreaking with moderate success. We’ll get there, but, as you might know…it takes time.

Please know that I’m trying really hard to eke out story writing time. I was thinking about why this is so much harder, and then I realized–my kids are old enough (and rude/curious enough!) to pop into the room where I’m writing and read over my shoulder. So I’m being really careful to write when they are otherwise occupied. But it’s a challenge, to be sure. When they were little, easy. Lots of time. Different job then, different way of life, when you have toddlers. When they are teens? Oh my. Running here and there, keeping up with all their activities…for kids who are homeschooled, we sure have very little downtime!! (If I only had a nickel for every time I was asked about how I would socialize my kids…!)

I’m eking out some time with friends (blogfriends) –because it’s SO important to keep that circle whole. There are people who touch you…no, no, not that way. Get yer mind out of the gutter! As I was saying, before your pervy minds went awry…there are people who touch you that you just know will be a ‘forever friend’…and I’m lucky enough to know a bunch of them. It is such a relief to have someone to talk to about the ups and downs of a D/s relationship..a conversation you can’t have with just any old person. Not to mention that I have some of the neatest friends in their own right, D/s affiliations notwithstanding! Funny and interesting and entertaining. It’s nice to have ‘downtime’ to clear my head and recharge my batteries.

Not for my dildo, no. There you go again, perving up everything I say.

You guys. Sheesh!

Anyway, I WILL respond to your comments, because I love them and they are encouraging and funny and supportive. It’s been a rocky month for M and I but things are clear and we’re smooth sailing. Maybe I’ll get a play day before I’m 60. Yeah. That’s a few years away…but you know I’ve got that pessimistic nature lurking inside me…

But your comments helped bolster me–it was SO hard for me to write that for Him. And hard to paint him in a negative light. Because he isn’t doing anything wrong, we were just in a rut and it was easier to go along…and while I’m not really a ‘biddable woman’…it was getting far to easy to push my submissive, pain slutty needs away and let work consume me. A lot of work means no time to deal with issues…and that’s easier, right?

Yeah. No.

We  haven’t seen one another since that meeting, and that’s 100% on me and 0% on my most beneficent master. *insert silly grin here* I have been flat out busy and am literally falling into bed and fast asleep within seconds-quite an accomplishment for this woman, often afflicted with insomnia. Ha. I’ve found the cure. Work 18 hours a day nonstop. It’s hard the first day, and by the 2nd? You too can be on your face in the mattress, snoring with your sneakers still tied onto your aching feet.

It’s a wonderful thing.



Have a great rest of your week peeps! I’ll be counting down to my funtime with my blog friend. Maybe we’ll even write about it. 😀



Ps. no time to prroofread thus. sux it up if i had typos.

*laughing hyseterclly*


8 thoughts on “Thanks, Lovely Peeps!

  1. I’m glad you sound a bit more positive😀 the work thing is a catch 22 with it your fucked without it your fucked. Respect on schooling your cherubs I would not know were to start all they would learn is how to play rugby and canoeing😅

    1. Thanks ashly…I appreciate your kind words. It is a very full life, and a good one. I just wish I could eke out a wee bit more time for being HERE!

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