Plump ~ 3

He was amusing.  And easy to listen to.  And if she had a random thought from time to time about what she’d wish he’d do to her, well, no one had to be the wiser about it, right? He explained about some ‘toys’ that she’d not seen ‘live’ before, like the Whartenburg Wheel, but didn’t offer to demonstrate it. He was tantalizing her without even making an effort to.

He was starting to explain the wheel to her, when she put up her hand in the classic stop motion. He paused, looking at her in a neutral fashion.

“Look, I just have to get this out there. It’s my policy, you see.”

“Your policy is to stop people mid-sentence?”

“No, no, oh. Right. Sorry. You’re not my dom, but that was rude. No, that’s not my policy Mr…Sir…Michael. I don’t know ..should I call you Sir? You’re not my sir, but back at home if we were introduced to another dom we used an honorific…”

Her voice trailed off as amusement lit his face.

“And now you’re laughing at me.”

“You are an amusing woman. A sexy, amusing woman who is NOT a doormat and does NOT need a knight in shining armor. Or non-shiny armor. And you have a policy that defies explanation.”

“No, no, it doesn’t. It’s honesty. That’s my policy. To be honest. At least here. I can’t always be at work, you know, because in vanilla life if you’re totally honest, you can wind up with no friends. And if you do it at work? Well, your coworkers hate you because you said the mauve suit is so 80’s…or yes, that hair color is a bit too much, instead of being gentle and saying of course it will be fine in a few weeks after it fades.”

She trailed off a moment before attempting to start again

“Honestly…” she paused, not sure if she should call him Sir, if that would encourage him where she wasn’t trying to. He looked at her as if he understood exactly the thoughts running through her head. He spoke into her confused silence.

“Sir. Or….Michael. You can use the honorific before my name, or not. But when we become a unit, it definitely needs to be joined….Sir Michael, together. That’s not beyond you, as I can tell you’re an intelligent woman, though our current conversation might belay that…”

She shook her head, lost herself.

“Yes. Sir. or Michael. I’m smart and …wait. What?”

“Your policy?”

“No, that sneaky other bit. When we become an item…”

“Did I say that?” A puzzled look came onto his face. “I’m sure your dazzling conversational style just made that come out of my mouth.”

“I see you smiling. I’m not…I can’t…just…UGH!” she growled, stomping her foot.  “Can we get back on track?”

“I’m sorry, are you derailed? How can I help?”

“See? Now you’re just being infuriating, and insufferable.”

“Two of my better qualities…”

She shook her head while looking skyward as if for help. He smiled deeply, the dimple flashing. She averted her eyes. That dimple was going to fuck with her if she kept looking at it.

“MY honesty policy means that I need to tell the dom I’m with how I’m feeling…because otherwise things can be misconstrued. Like you think I’m interested in you…”

He leaned just a bit too close, whispered near her ear.

“You are very much interested. Not only have you spent the last 40 minutes in my company without complaint…until now…but you’re wearing an especially appealing scent.”

She leaned away, looking up at him.

“I’m not wearing any scent at all,” she rebutted.

“I beg to differ, sweet sub, but indeed you are.”

Despite her head shaking in the negative, he continued, speaking softly, looking intently at her. She could not look away.

“The particular scent you are cloaked in is the unique one of a woman who is aroused. It is intoxicating. It is the essential you, and one that I will recognize always and immediately as yours from this point forward.”

The blush came fast, unexpectedly. She foundered, her mouth opening and closing with no words. She wasn’t embarrassed, exactly, but certainly befuddled.

“So, Addy, my dear, what do you need to be ‘totally honest policy’ with me about?”

He leaned away, and the sexual haze that had seemed to wrap around them snapped back to the musty smells of the dungeon. She was usually up on dom tricks, but this one took the cake. He managed to totally wrap her up, when she was intent on not being with anyone. Not being attracted to anyone. She was just checking the place out. And hopefully getting checked out. Right now, she felt more like a library book headed for his book bag! He’d checked her out, and decided to slip and slide her around to his way of thinking. And he was fucking sneaky about it, too!

“I’m not your submissive.”

“Heaven forbid!” He mock shuddered. “You’d be a boat-load of work. So much training. Your temper…your constant talking…”

“That’s it…that’s what I was going to be totally honest about. You’re such a plebe. Seriously. She mock punched his arm, making him draw back in pretend fear. His hands cupped over the crotch of his pants.

“Oh no…are you gonna hurt me? I’m not really feeling like eating testicles tonight..I just had some the other day…”

She laughed. She didn’t want to like him. Didn’t want to be amused by him. Didn’t want to be attracted, or stirred up, or whatever the hell she was. But dammit, she was.

“I’m still mad. I’ve got the mad inside me.”

“You don’t look mad.” He touched her for the first time all evening, his finger poking hard into her belly, making her fold over and giggle.

“You don’t feel mad or sound it. What is that strange noise coming out of your mouth??”

He tugged her up by a hunk of hair, and she moaned. His finger drilled into her belly and she tried to fold over again, yelping as his grip did not release, even while the unstoppable giggles rolled out of her.

“No! No…gigglegigglegiggle…oh Ohhhh…”

“That’s a very interesting array of sounds. Tell me more about this ‘mad’.”

He released her, brushing off her shoulders. She took a deep breath, shot him a look that would have melted lead, but managed to not say anything encouraging. By damn but she was ticklish, and he didn’t need to know any more about that.

“What happened out there. It pissed me off–”

“No. Really?” He drawled, deliberately teasing now.

“Really. And…it’s had no place to go…”

“You’re not still mad. You think you should be mad, but really, it’s over now. Let it go, the thought that you believe being mad is what you’re feeling. Because right now, you’re content. You’ve had an exciting evening, with a very brief run-in with a dick-face, followed by a chance to hang out with M/F’s most incredible Dominant.”

“Giving yourself top billing, eh?” she said, smiling.

“Well, yeah. But only because it’s true.”

“Easy for you to say,” she quipped before realizing that he’d managed to maneuver her just into this.

“Easy for me to show, too.”

‘Here it comes,’ she thought. He’d spent the evening enticing her, turning her on, teasing her…now comes the ‘let me fuck you brainless’ speech.

His eyes looked into hers, unreadable, yet so enticing.

“But not tonight. Tonight was full of firsts. You need time to process. Come back to us soon, sub-girl. Come back soon.”

He ran a finger down her cheek, then turning, disappeared into the dark and crowded room. She stood there, feeling the heat of that single finger tip for long minutes. Feeling somehow abandoned, and more than a bit bereft, she sighed, then headed off to get her coat, not knowing that he watched her from afar, with that secret smile on his face.

11 thoughts on “Plump ~ 3

  1. Someone, one day will come to you asking for writing a script for their romantic novels or erotic scenes!!
    OMG.. you’re just amazing.
    please continue..

    1. He’s so slick, this guy. But the cool kind of slick, not fucktard slick, you know? I really love him. 😀 If only I knew weird science, right?? LOL.


    1. It’s funny how the scene can be the same, and some of the characters personalities draw from past stories, but each story is a different feeling, isn’t it? That’s the joy of writing, in a nutshell, for me at least. I need to walk into that bar sometime…wanna come? 😀


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