Snippets of Heat

there when I was supposed to be

he opens the back door to let me into the hotel, then leads me up to the room

where he latches onto me

a quick kiss

a brush of his mouth on mine


i’m spun around, breathless and dizzy

his hands on my tits



hurting me so much so fast

i pant and squeal and beg and whimper

and i’m wet when he pushes me roughly to the bed and lays on me, his fingers finding my cunt and probing

his laugh is wicked and dark

his eyes gleaming with heat as he fingers me


fucking slut  

you fucking wet dirty slut

then more of the dirty dark delighted laughter, knowing that he’s responsible for that liquid lust pooling in my panties

his hands return to the cruel work of tormenting my tits

and i moan in ecstatic pain


I am a slut…

…and today I will be His slut.

His to beat, to fuck, to hold back orgasms, to slap, to fuck my ass, or pussy, or mouth. His to mark and bruise, my ass and arms, legs, and belly, my pale, wanton tits.

Today I am His slut.

I am nilla.


It was supposed to happen LAST Sunday. But I had to call Him, and postpone. I’ve been sick for what feels like forever. Bumping into the edge of pneumonia, the recovery process was not at all quick, and two rounds of antibiotics later, I’m finally coming out of the dark tunnel that I’d crawled into. I even had a few days of no work, and a few of light work.

The hardest part was knowing that I had to call Him. I left it in his hands, of course, but he’s always been very careful with sickness. Not just that he doesn’t want to get it (grins), but he wants me to be in good shape before he beats the shit out of me. I’m paraphrasing, but only a little bit.

I do like that about him.

So I’m tiptoeing into the telling –it’s supposed to happen soon, our meeting. Now that he knows I’m really almost better, we can entertain the thought of entertaining one another…him by beating the living shit out of me, and me with taking it (and okay, loving it.)

(Mind you, I’m actually feeling a bit nervous about it…it’s been over a year since our last play. Seriously. 13 months. My painslut is not only out of practice, she might have left the village.)

So cross your fingers for me, peeps. I’m going to need all the help I can get to make this happen!



“She’s too tight…it can’t go in…”

Rough growls sound in the semidark room.

“Just fuck her already.”

“I told you, you asshole. I can’t push in. She’s too fucking tight and dry.”

“Just wait here a second…”

“Now where the hell are you going?”

“Goin’ to the kitchen.” The voice recedes.

“What the holy fuck for?” Grumbles the first.

The sound of footsteps returning move at the same pace he’s trying to thrust into the exposed cunt of the woman on the bed. Her legs are tied up and away, ‘Chicken-wing style’ some call it. She moans, her body wriggling, trying to keep him out. Only the head of his shaft is poking at the reddened lips.

“Here, use this on your willy.”

“BACON GREASE? Are you outta your fuckin’ mind? I’m gonna have bacon-all over my dick??”

“Look. You put the grease on you. You fuck the shit out of her. You pull out and shove your cock in her mouth, have her clean you good, get any grease off it. Forever and after, whenever she smells bacon, eats bacon, sees bacon, she’ll always remember the great cockfest we gave her here in Maine.”

“Long live bacon!”

With a cackle, he reaches into the open jar of congealed grease.



A shudder shimmied its way up her spine. She wanted. How badly she needed to be touched, used, taken to her limits and pushed up against them. The longing was making her crazy.

“Well, my sweet chubby cherub, did you miss me?”

His fingers slipped over the round curve of her ass, dipped up and over her hip. His body leaned into hers and she was surrounded by the scent of him, by the heat of him. When his fingers touched her pussy, when his jeans pressed against her soft bottom, she shuddered again. The tip of one finger entered her cleft, thrummed against her clit, making her moan and wiggle hard against it.

“So eager. Wanton. That’s what you are, slut.”

“Yes,” she hissed, nodding her head furiously. Still masked, she could see nothing, but could feel profoundly. “I need…I need…”

“I know exactly what you need.”

His voice was a dark whisper, the heat of his breath tickling along the shell of her ear. More shudders wracked her as the tormenting finger continued to flick and rub at her aching, swollen bud.

“Please,” she moaned, her head falling back against his shoulder.

“Cum for me now,” he crooned, his finger slipping roughly inside of her. She exploded, grinding her hips down, wanting more, so much more of him. Her knees shook, her cunt clamped around him, her thighs, held wide by the spreader bar, trembled as they too tried to keep him inside of her.

She cried out as a second wave approached. Her bound wrists held her upright as his finger slipped away just before it crested.

“Please…oh gods….I need…”

“You want. That’s different from need. You need food, air, shelter. Another orgasm? Not so much.”

She would have denied that, but His hand rose to cup her breast, then slipped inside her corset to free it. His strong hand squeezed, mashed, squeezed again, until finding her hard nipple, he pinched it firmly. She held her breath, he held her nipple, until the unceasing pressure made her rise to her toes, squealing. And still he squeezed.

“Hurts, yes?”

“yesyesyes” she panted, her words exhaled with a whoosh of breath. She expected he’d stop then, but the grip of his fingers did not ease.

“A lot?” His tone was gentle, conversational even, a juxtaposition to the pain he was inflicting.

“Yes. A lot.”

There was a long pause, and then, though it seemed impossible for it to be so, the pinch grew even tighter.. It took just a few, painful seconds to realize that she’d slipped up.

“Yes! Yes! It hurts a LOT, Sir. A very lot!!”

The pressure eased just a little. And then he began rolling her mashed nipple. Her moans were louder now, interspersed with short yips and yelps as the intensity grew. Her nipple, after a long hiatus without play, was burning now. Just when she thought she would have to use her safeword, his fingers left her nipple, stroking over the aching center , before cupping and hefting her full tit. She relaxed then heels back on the floor, taking a full breath. And he stepped back, stepped away from her.

Her nipple throbbed, and she breathed through it. Other parts of her were throbbing too. She’d come so close again to cumming. The need continued to grow. She wanted to be beaten, used, fucked.

For gods sake, she needed to be fucked!

The sharp slap against her left butt cheek made her gasp, robbed her of words. Nothing came out of her open mouth but an explosive rush of air. A matching blow on her right butt did draw a yelp from her, and an attempt to leap forward. Unfortunately, there was a wall directly in front of her, leaving her no escape route. The paddle cracked across one cheek, then the other.

“You may begin counting now that your ass is warmed up. Properly. With thank-you’s for my kind care of you.”

Begin?  she thought silently? He’d already well begun. Her ass pulsed with the hot radiating pain.

The next sharp crack had her back arching, her mouth yelling “ONE” before she was fully cognizant. Two quick raps on the same spot made her scream just a little. “TWO. THREE!”

“No. Those two were warning and punishment for forgetting.”


Oh SHIT! She realized. By gods it was a lifetime ago that she was with a dominant. But still. She read enough frigging porn to know better.

“Sorry Sir. One, Sir.”

“Oh, hmm, no. We’ll just start again.”

It took all her willpower to not moan. At least out loud. The sharp crack in the exact fucking spot damn him! made her yelp out quickly.

“ONE, Thank YOU, Sir.”

Thankfully the next blow fell on her other cheek, as did the next five. He poked the sore spots on her bottom, making her moan and wriggle.

“You know,” he mused, “I like even numbers.”

Thank the gods,  she thought. Six was an even number.

“But I really dislike the number 6.”

Four more numbers were not enough. “Not enough of a bruise here yet,” he said, poking her sorest spot mercilessly. The next two blows landed right on it. She nearly fainted from the last one, her breath hitching as she struggled for air, for composure.

“That last one hurt like fuck, didn’t it?”

“Y-yes, Sir, Thank you Sir. Number 12 was the worst.”

His hands grabbed her waist, pulling her hips back so that she was semi-bent. Her arms reached out ahead of her. She gasped when his cock filled her.

“I like 12,” he said.

She heard the smile in his voice, before she fell into bliss.



“He was right about one thing,” Sir Michael crooned into her ear.

“What’s that?” she replied.

“You do have a fat ass.”

His laughter rumbled through his chest and into her back as he pressed against her.

“You…Bastard!” she growled.She wiggled her hands, bound in rough rope and hooked to the wall over her head. “If I had my hands…”

“…you’d use them to caress my rock hard cock?” he said, his voice teasing.

“Aren’t you funny. I just went through a traumatic experience you know.”

A hand stroked over the round globe of her ass, then slapped it firmly. She yelped, and then felt the weight of him lean against her. Her tits were mashed into the cold wall while her back was warmed by him. Her ass was hot in the spot where he’d struck her and she thought she could almost feel the outline of his hand on her bottom. She doubted she’d ever felt so safe, so cocooned by anyone as an adult. She liked it very much.

“Poor baby. I’ll just have to do my best to take your mind off of that, then.”

He pushed away from her, and she wondered what he’d do next. For a long moment there were only the sounds from others playing in the enormous room. The moans of the man not too far down the wall from where she was, the unmistakable snap of a whip, and the sudden shocking scream of a woman across the way. She shivered, and her pussy leapt to life.

His feet kicked between her ankles, spreading them.


She shifted again. He wrapped something heavy around and around one ankle, something heavy and  cold. There was a metallic *click*, the sudden tightness that let her know she was “secured”.  He pushed the other leg away, still further. And again, until she thought she’d fall over or slip into the full splits if he tried for any more separation. She heard the clink of metal and deduced he was fixing a spreader bar to her. It was her ultimate fantasy–none of her other playmates had ever used one on her before.

“I smell something hot down here,” he said, his voice coming up from between her legs. She felt so exposed. So vulnerable. So turned on. It came on just like that, from fear to need. The scene out in the bar seemed eons ago rather than minutes. Time stood still when one was blindfolded, she knew.  The heavy chain was wrapped around her other ankle, once, twice, three times, before he secured that as well.

Then there was silence.

She wasn’t sure if he’d gotten up and moved away or if he was still crouched there, staring up at her crotch. Her face burst into a blush just supposing it. What a view! Who wanted to look up and see her big butt, her deep cleft, even her usually hidden rosebud? Now that she was spread almost uncomfortably wide, who knew what he could see?

What was he waiting for?

She wanted to squirm and wiggle, but she was afraid she’d slip and then what? She’d be hanging on the wall by her wrists? No, she’d be patient. Hopefully. She felt the barest touch against her pussy lip. Had she imagined it, wanting to be touched by him again? Without any preamble, something was jammed up into her pussy. She arched, moaning as his warm fingers diddled inside of her, fluttering against that spot, stretching her. Her hips swiveled as her legs were held wide by the heavy metal between her ankles. More, she wanted more. But there was just that shocking penetration, then that gentle fluttering. An ‘almost something serious’ followed by a tease.

“pleaseee” she moaned.

The fingers slipped from her yearning cunt,  rose up to fondle her crack. She felt his hands pinching then, then felt them separate her bottom, spreading her ass as wide as her thighs.

“Such a tight little asshole,” he murmured. “So soft and …vulnerable.”

The shiver of goosebumps exploded across her arms. His words were so wicked, so full of promise.

“It’ll hurt when I fuck your ass. My cock will fill you and make you cry. I won’t mind that.”

“’re a sadist. But you’re different from .. him.”

“Pain, yes, danger, no. I’ll hurt you, even harm you. But I will not damage you. Nor break your bones. It’ll feel  like I’m breaking your ass when I fuck it.”

She snorted, half laughing, half nervous giggle.

“You …”

“You should know what lies ahead, don’t you think?”


“Aah, she wants the experience to explode over her, all unaware. Well, we can do it that way as well.”

He walked away. She heard his footfalls, and shivered anew. What the hell had she gotten herself into? And dear gods, when would he come back and fuck her??