Plump ~6

She made her way back to the bar, her knees feeling loose and almost wobbly. Sliding into her seat, she gave a timid smile to Dr.T.

“Thanks for saving my drink, Sir.”

“Oh, sweetie, don’t call me a Sir, no Siree!” He threw back his head and laughed. “I’m as unSirlike as you’d ever want to meet. I’m a plain man, though you never know. Someday some one of you all might tempt me some. But Mildred and I, we’ve been together for some 30 years now, sweethearts from high school and she’d be most unhappy for me to step out on her. And when I’m here? All I think about is her.”

“That’s so sweet!”

She let out a yelp as someone grabbed a fistful of hair, yanking her head back.

“You little slut! How dare you!”

Furious red lips growled at her, inches from her nose.

“Now, now, Mz. F, don’t go hurtin’ the girl…”

“And why not? Did she not first snub the best dom in the club, my partner, no less, and then when she finally got an itch between her legs, decides to wave those enormous tits his way and get his attention?”


“You, shut your mouth,” the furious Ms. Fornea growled, giving her captives head a hard shake.

“She did all that and more, Dr. T. It’s time for me to have a little conversation with this rude piece of fuckmeat.”

Tugging Addison off the chair, still holding her by her hair, the diminutive, fierce woman led her away.


He’d wondered where she was going  when the fucking bartender pointed down the hall, then figured she was taking a piss when she left her jacket and drink behind. He tapped his finger on his thigh, unknowingly echoing the dull thud of the pulse beating in his cock. He stared at the doorway leading to the shitters closet, wondering what the fuck was taking so long anyway? Sit, squat, piss, done. He should have grabbed her and forbidden her to piss, watched her squirm and wiggle in her seat trying to not wet her panties. That would have been amusing, he thought, but he’d missed that one. Well, he’d gotten to watch her squirm, and squirm some more she would…if she ever got back from the fucking john.

When she finally returned, his tapping finger rubbed against the fabric of his pants, outlining the bump of his shaft. He wanted to pull her up out of her chair, push her over the back of the couch, and plow her.


He uncrossed his legs, his foot falling to the floor. As he began to push upward, a sudden disturbance at the bar stopped him. It was the cunt who owned the fucking place, Lady Pain-in-the-Ass. His mouth almost fell open as he watched her grab his slut by the hair and nearly drag her down the hallway. Others in the area also were frozen in place. For a moment there was just that stunned silence, and then the conversations began again, almost as loudly as before.

That fucking cunt had stolen his slut!


“I really should thrash you, you know. But…that’s not why we’re here.”


“Yes, dear, I know–.”

Whatever else Madame Fornea was about to say was cut off by the opening of the office door. She half-turned, and almost groaned aloud when she saw Sir Michael stride into the suddenly small room. It hadn’t seemed small until he walked in, his face set. She could tell he was mad.  He came to her, pulled the second chair close to her, sat.

“I’m not mad at you.”

“I can see that you are.”

“Oh, I’m plenty pissed. But it’s unkind and unfair to blame the victim, Addison. He caught you unaware and vulnerable. No one wants that to happen in their vanilla life. No one expects to be exploited that way. No one deserves it, either. And a dom with any integrity at all would never use that as a lever for a companion, nor compliance.”

Tears welled up, and though she tried hard to not let them loose, she felt several course down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry…I’m trying to not be too emo here but.. but..”

Behind them, Madame Fornea hung up the phone.

“She’ll be here in a few minutes.”

“Good, time to shut this down for good,” he replied, but Addison had no clue what they were talking about until later.


She came out from the playroom looking shaken. He could see the wobble in her step, and though it was hard to see in the dim lighting of the bar area, he thought he detected some marks on her. Apparently Madame Fuckface hadn’t been kidding that she was pissed at the slut. He’d have to think about that later. She’d woven her way to the bar, full now at this hour, and it was time to get into the game.

He came up behind her, grabbed her roughly by her upper arm, spun her around.

“I told you to be here promptly, slut.”

“I…I was. I was waiting for you and…”

“No excuses…”

“I was …Madame Fornea…she…”

“I saw.” He interrupted her. He ticked his head towards the door. Beyond that lay the playroom.  “Let’s go, slut.”

“Wait. I want–no. I NEED to be clear on what’s going on here. You’re making me do this and I’m not interested in you. I do not want you to be my dom, but you’re making me.”

“Honey, you’ll get interested if you want to keep that plush job of yours.”

“So…you’ll go to my boss and tell her what I do in my sex life–which has nothing to do with my job–and put me in a position of getting fired for it?” She oozed indignation, and not a small amount of rage as she said it.

“Believe me, slut, your resistance only makes me harder.”

“This is a one-time deal, though. I’m not going to be your submissive.”

“You’ll be my submissive for as long as I want you to be my submissive. Unless you want me to print up some fliers with you in that sexy little outfit and spread them all over your workplace. Until I go in and meet with your boss and happen to mention that I saw you come in here and that I think it’s inappropriate and offensive for the company to have perverted people working there.”

“You’re threatening my job. So you can fuck me.”

“I’m not threatening. I’m promising.  I’m going to whip you good, slap you around, get out my aggression, treat you the way a slut should be treated, with a hard hand and hard cock. Because after I’m done beating you, I’m going to fuck you. I’ll fuck you in your tight little asshole while I beat your chunky cheeks so hard that you won’t be able to sit for a week! I’ll fuck you in your resisting cunt, all the while knowing that you hate it, and I’ll get twice the pleasure from it.  I’ll fuck your smart-assed mouth, knowing that I’m  shutting you up as you suck my meat, knowing that you’ll be glaring your hate and rage at me.  I’ll squeeze your fat tit’s until they turn purple, beat them black and blue and even bloody, and enjoy every goddamned fucking minute of it. Listening to you whimper and cry and scream and moan, while you hate every last thing I do to you? That. That’s what you deserve, and what I want from you, you fucking whore!”

His voice  had risen from a soft-voiced threat to a hot, rasping, low-voiced rant. His face was red, his fingers clenched into claws. In his eye, a certain kind of madding ruled. She shuddered, staring into them.

“That’s quite enough of that,” came a voice from behind them.

“You have enough?” Sir Michael spoke, Madame Fornea and two uniformed cops beside him.  The taller of the pair stepped forward, quickly slapping a pair of cuffs on the stunned man in front of her.

“What the FUCK?” he yelled.

“Careful, or I’ll have to add ‘resisting arrest’ to the list of charges. You have the right to remain silent…”

The rest of the Miranda was heard faintly as the uniform lead him away. A second officer took his seat.

“We have it all recorded, but we’ll need you to come to the station to make a full statement. Are you prepared to press charges against him?”

“Yes.” She was proud her voice didn’t even quiver.

The cop rose, nodding.

“Not everyone is brave enough to face their assailant. And this was an assault, make no mistake. A threat, and verbal assault. Blackmail is a crime. And doubly hard for people who are in this lifestyle to come forward and report. As I well understand.”

He smiled down at her as she unclipped the recording device from between her breasts.

“Thanks for your help, Tony. See you Saturday?” Madame Fornea rose one eyebrow, smiled a stern little smile. The cop, to Addy’s shock, blushed and dropped his eyes.

“Yes’m. I will.”

“Come,” said Sir Michael, taking Addison’s hand. “Let’s go unwind.”