A shudder shimmied its way up her spine. She wanted. How badly she needed to be touched, used, taken to her limits and pushed up against them. The longing was making her crazy.

“Well, my sweet chubby cherub, did you miss me?”

His fingers slipped over the round curve of her ass, dipped up and over her hip. His body leaned into hers and she was surrounded by the scent of him, by the heat of him. When his fingers touched her pussy, when his jeans pressed against her soft bottom, she shuddered again. The tip of one finger entered her cleft, thrummed against her clit, making her moan and wiggle hard against it.

“So eager. Wanton. That’s what you are, slut.”

“Yes,” she hissed, nodding her head furiously. Still masked, she could see nothing, but could feel profoundly. “I need…I need…”

“I know exactly what you need.”

His voice was a dark whisper, the heat of his breath tickling along the shell of her ear. More shudders wracked her as the tormenting finger continued to flick and rub at her aching, swollen bud.

“Please,” she moaned, her head falling back against his shoulder.

“Cum for me now,” he crooned, his finger slipping roughly inside of her. She exploded, grinding her hips down, wanting more, so much more of him. Her knees shook, her cunt clamped around him, her thighs, held wide by the spreader bar, trembled as they too tried to keep him inside of her.

She cried out as a second wave approached. Her bound wrists held her upright as his finger slipped away just before it crested.

“Please…oh gods….I need…”

“You want. That’s different from need. You need food, air, shelter. Another orgasm? Not so much.”

She would have denied that, but His hand rose to cup her breast, then slipped inside her corset to free it. His strong hand squeezed, mashed, squeezed again, until finding her hard nipple, he pinched it firmly. She held her breath, he held her nipple, until the unceasing pressure made her rise to her toes, squealing. And still he squeezed.

“Hurts, yes?”

“yesyesyes” she panted, her words exhaled with a whoosh of breath. She expected he’d stop then, but the grip of his fingers did not ease.

“A lot?” His tone was gentle, conversational even, a juxtaposition to the pain he was inflicting.

“Yes. A lot.”

There was a long pause, and then, though it seemed impossible for it to be so, the pinch grew even tighter.. It took just a few, painful seconds to realize that she’d slipped up.

“Yes! Yes! It hurts a LOT, Sir. A very lot!!”

The pressure eased just a little. And then he began rolling her mashed nipple. Her moans were louder now, interspersed with short yips and yelps as the intensity grew. Her nipple, after a long hiatus without play, was burning now. Just when she thought she would have to use her safeword, his fingers left her nipple, stroking over the aching center , before cupping and hefting her full tit. She relaxed then heels back on the floor, taking a full breath. And he stepped back, stepped away from her.

Her nipple throbbed, and she breathed through it. Other parts of her were throbbing too. She’d come so close again to cumming. The need continued to grow. She wanted to be beaten, used, fucked.

For gods sake, she needed to be fucked!

The sharp slap against her left butt cheek made her gasp, robbed her of words. Nothing came out of her open mouth but an explosive rush of air. A matching blow on her right butt did draw a yelp from her, and an attempt to leap forward. Unfortunately, there was a wall directly in front of her, leaving her no escape route. The paddle cracked across one cheek, then the other.

“You may begin counting now that your ass is warmed up. Properly. With thank-you’s for my kind care of you.”

Begin?  she thought silently? He’d already well begun. Her ass pulsed with the hot radiating pain.

The next sharp crack had her back arching, her mouth yelling “ONE” before she was fully cognizant. Two quick raps on the same spot made her scream just a little. “TWO. THREE!”

“No. Those two were warning and punishment for forgetting.”


Oh SHIT! She realized. By gods it was a lifetime ago that she was with a dominant. But still. She read enough frigging porn to know better.

“Sorry Sir. One, Sir.”

“Oh, hmm, no. We’ll just start again.”

It took all her willpower to not moan. At least out loud. The sharp crack in the exact fucking spot damn him! made her yelp out quickly.

“ONE, Thank YOU, Sir.”

Thankfully the next blow fell on her other cheek, as did the next five. He poked the sore spots on her bottom, making her moan and wriggle.

“You know,” he mused, “I like even numbers.”

Thank the gods,  she thought. Six was an even number.

“But I really dislike the number 6.”

Four more numbers were not enough. “Not enough of a bruise here yet,” he said, poking her sorest spot mercilessly. The next two blows landed right on it. She nearly fainted from the last one, her breath hitching as she struggled for air, for composure.

“That last one hurt like fuck, didn’t it?”

“Y-yes, Sir, Thank you Sir. Number 12 was the worst.”

His hands grabbed her waist, pulling her hips back so that she was semi-bent. Her arms reached out ahead of her. She gasped when his cock filled her.

“I like 12,” he said.

She heard the smile in his voice, before she fell into bliss.