Snippets of Heat

there when I was supposed to be

he opens the back door to let me into the hotel, then leads me up to the room

where he latches onto me

a quick kiss

a brush of his mouth on mine


i’m spun around, breathless and dizzy

his hands on my tits



hurting me so much so fast

i pant and squeal and beg and whimper

and i’m wet when he pushes me roughly to the bed and lays on me, his fingers finding my cunt and probing

his laugh is wicked and dark

his eyes gleaming with heat as he fingers me


fucking slut  

you fucking wet dirty slut

then more of the dirty dark delighted laughter, knowing that he’s responsible for that liquid lust pooling in my panties

his hands return to the cruel work of tormenting my tits

and i moan in ecstatic pain