His Hands

They are brutal and strong, his hands. He pinches me fiercely, all over. My belly, my ass. My tits (oh, my aching tits!)

My nipples.

He’s holding one nipple in the tiniest “bite” of his fingers…and my belly in one multi-fingered grab of flesh. I can move no place without pain, he has me locked in stasis with the sudden intense pain in my nipple and belly. I’m nearly crying when he releases my belly, but retains the grip on my nipple.

He talks of normal things and then looks at me wincing…and snaps his finger off my nip…”Oh, I forgot I was still holding that,” He says with a devilish grin.

(yeah, right, sure you did!)

Timing is a blur, you understand. At one point I’m looking at him and he slaps my face, and I think I might just curl up and explode at the ecstasy. We’re so strangely wired, we pain sluts!!

He played with some of the whips from Wordwitch (omfg). I HATE THEM!! OH! The ouch. Oh. The incredible ouch as he slaps the thin rubber one on my pussy. I know he’s not hitting as hard as he could but still. Oh  gosh. Oh my. Oh holy shiiiit!

He throws it aside and falls on me, biting my nipples and slapping my cunt. Slapping. I arch up into each blow…moaning. Something inside of him breaks…I can almost hear it. He growls, savaging my nipple, the flesh of my breast, trying to consume as much flesh as he can. His growls become fiercer, his hand is pounding on my clit…and I gush. He doesn’t stop hitting me, I don’t stop whining and begging for “more, harder, please Master, harder”

until I come several more times, each more intense than the last.

And when I’m laying there, throbbing, he jabs three of his big man-fingers into me and fingers me into oblivion. I whimper and cry how much it hurts. He growls and all but punches my cunt with those pounding fingers. I can’t come, I can’t…it hurts so bad, my pussy all raw and aching …

and I come so hard that I drench his shirt halfway to his elbow. (am I the only one who finds it intensely hot when He doesn’t get naked but I am?)

“Can’t?” he says, his tone droll against my breast where his teeth had been savaging. “Somehow I find that to be…inaccurate, nilla.” He holds up his hand over me, where I can see all of his fingers dripping, feel the drops splatter on me.

“You fucking slut,” he laughs, wiping my juice on my belly. His fingers slide down my body again and I whimper….




4 thoughts on “His Hands

  1. O M G !! It’s about time huh?
    Yes! It’s extremely hot when He’s dressed and I’m not, it reminds me of my place, keeps me in my head space. It’s also hot when He calls me a slut after I cum ~grins
    I’m so happy for you!

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