She absolutely should not have done it. Sitting alone in her office at lunch, too busy to take her full hour, she broke long enough to gobble her sandwich and read a quick story on her phone. So, she had a thing for Monstererotica…mostly being fucked by an octopus. Today’s sordid tale  had a slightly different take on the process, but holy fuck it had her juices flowing.

She’d shut down the phone when the timer beeped, and made a quick run to the ladies room to pee before settling into work mode once more. Always the overachiever, the clock ran well past 5:00 p.m. before she surfaced. She hated to admit it but that story had kept pushing its way into her mind through the afternoon. So horny that she wondered if she’d come close to starting her period, she discretely slipped her hand into her pants to check. Oh, it was wet there, but it wasn’t period blood. It was pure “horny juice”.  She looked out the window. No cars were in the lot on her side of the building. She noted that it was bumping past 6 now, but to be sure, she rose from behind her desk and crossed the room. Peering out from her office made her feel sneaky. It made her feel horny, too. There was nothing quite like the feeling of being ‘bad’ for feeling good, she mused. A quick look up and down the hallway confirmed that all the other offices here were empty, lights out and doors closed. Pushing her door shut behind her, she quickly crossed to her desk. She didn’t notice that the door didn’t quite latch, and the gentle momentum of the tongue slipping off the edge of the latch propelled the door gently back open.

Quickly she unzipped her pants, and slid her fingers under the waistband of her panties. She imagined the tentacle-beast-plant latching onto her nipples, like in the story, of the inability to fight it, to move away, as it impaled her. Her head fell back, her fingers slid deeper.

Gods she was soooo turned on!

She came with a quick release, a nearly silent sighing “ohhhh” as her body spasmed out the welcomed relief. Eyes closed, she smiled, slipping her fingers free. Her heart raced as something hot and wet closed over her fingers even as her wrist was grabbed and lifted.

“Wwhaaa…” she yelped, then squirmed in embarrassment.

“What indeed.”

His mouth slipped from her fingers.

“Or should I say, what a lovely taste, after a rare and lovely show? One rarely sees a woman absorbed so totally absorbed in self-pleasure and after all these years, I must say I’ve never seen it at the office.”

She looked into the dark eyes of the CFO. Amos was in Chicago. How could he be here, now?

“I thought you were in Chicago,” she said, feeling thick with confusion.

“I was. Now I’m here, and I must admit that  I’m so glad I came  in late today, rather than jumping in my car and heading straight home to my empty house.”

His smile was sinful. Gazing at him, she tried hard to not think about the little fantasies she’d had about him, lest he read it in her eyes. His next words shocked her.

“I must say, I’m hard as a rock after watching that”

She looked up at him, mouth somewhat agape.

“Yes, I said I am hard as a rock. Now, I have three possible solutions to this little situation we find ourselves in. In solution one, I nod to you and thank you for that delightful scene, and we both go home to our separate places. I can’t say I’ll ever forget this experience, nor will I not think of it when I see you in the break room, at the coffee machine, or sitting here just like this.”

“I…suppose I should give you my resignation…”

“Ah, but that’s not an option of any of my scenarios. I would like to continue, if I may?”

His voice carried just the faintest note on censure. She blushed, nodding, and muttered a soft “I’m sorry.”

“Very well then. My scenario number two is pretty interesting. In that one, I bend you over your desk and fuck the living hell out of you, and then we go our separate ways. The third version starts the same way, your very sexy body being fucked right here on your desk. But when we’re somewhat sated,  we leave together, and go back to my place so that I may continue enjoying your lovely body. There will be food in there somewhere, too.  I won’t make options two or three mandatory, despite having caught you in an extremely compromising position, and despite being extremely turned on and really wanting to fuck you.”

He paused his eyes skimming over her, pausing at her tits, then focusing on the open vee where her pants were not yet fastened. The lace of her panties was damp now, damper since he had come upon her.

“I won’t be gentle, either.”

Those words made electric tingles run straight down to her clit. His look was potent, but those words kindled an intense need within her.

“Which do you choose, my dear?”

She knew for sure that she didn’t want to wake up from this dream–for surely it was a dream and not reality? How could it even be possible that the man who was so out of her reach, the man she had several great masturbation fantasies about –wasn’t really in her office, the taste of her pussy on his tongue, wanting to fuck her. She wasn’t dreaming, she knew. She could see him, feel his warmth, and see the proof of his wanting right there on the front of his pants.

She cleared her throat, and smiled.





6 thoughts on “Caught!

  1. Octopus!?! Tentacle ill have you know that he… it? …is not an “Octopus”. He’s speechless now.

    No. Wait. He’s telling me I’ve had enough of a break. Can I write something already? Hello? Like maybe another Mosterotica?

    And now he’s speechless.


    1. Please proffer my apologies to Tentacle…I didn’t specifically mean to target HIM as an “Octopus”…only that my heroine has a …fixation…on all things (see, I even stopped short of saying “creature”..!) with multiple, complex, insatiable, ah…organs? armatures? penii?

      As much as it made me giggle to picture himself “speechless”…nah! I just couldn’t stretch even *my* copious imagination that far.

      Write faster (she demands!)


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