A-To-Z Challenge Month

I don’t know the rules. I don’t like to follow rules (excepting M’s and even then sometimes….well, you know how it is!)

So, as I understand it, we pick an A topic, and all throughout the month, work our way through the alphabet. Jz has done this, and is Apparently (see what I did there?!) doing it again, despite the stress of getting All the way through it last year. And maybe the year before?

I guess that makes Apparently my word of the day, then?

Apparently, M and I are still going strong. Because, you know, playtime. And possible playtime at the end of April (omg, the A’s are just popping up everywhere!). Add in our at least once a day texts, and we have a connection that still works. Sometimes the plug isn’t all the way in the slot (oh, sexual metaphor!) and we sputter…correction, *I* sputter, and stew and he sits and waits me out. But we work it out and keep chugging onward.

Apparently this D/s thing still gets my juices going. Sometimes I wonder if it’s gone Away, but then I see something and my gosh, my brain goes “WOW, wouldn’t that make a great story if….” and I discover that just thinking about that untoward, Awkward situation makes my panties dampen, and I know, dayam, I’m really still into this shit.

Apparently it’s part of my DNA?