A-To-Z Challenge Month

I don’t know the rules. I don’t like to follow rules (excepting M’s and even then sometimes….well, you know how it is!)

So, as I understand it, we pick an A topic, and all throughout the month, work our way through the alphabet. Jz has done this, and is Apparently (see what I did there?!) doing it again, despite the stress of getting All the way through it last year. And maybe the year before?

I guess that makes Apparently my word of the day, then?

Apparently, M and I are still going strong. Because, you know, playtime. And possible playtime at the end of April (omg, the A’s are just popping up everywhere!). Add in our at least once a day texts, and we have a connection that still works. Sometimes the plug isn’t all the way in the slot (oh, sexual metaphor!) and we sputter…correction, *I* sputter, and stew and he sits and waits me out. But we work it out and keep chugging onward.

Apparently this D/s thing still gets my juices going. Sometimes I wonder if it’s gone Away, but then I see something and my gosh, my brain goes “WOW, wouldn’t that make a great story if….” and I discover that just thinking about that untoward, Awkward situation makes my panties dampen, and I know, dayam, I’m really still into this shit.

Apparently it’s part of my DNA?


12 thoughts on “A-To-Z Challenge Month

    1. Thanks abby! I’m looking forward to having a real reason to sit and right…it’s the commitment of it that will get me sitting and doing this.


  1. Looking forward to some interesting reading. Plus it will cheer me up all i can do for the next 4 weeks is lay in bed grrr

    1. Hi Julie!

      I’m a WHOLE MONTH LATE! I’m so sorry for the delay in responding to you! Thanks for the comment, much appreciated. I made it all the way to the end. I’m sure I broke a ton of rules, but as a newbie, I hope I’m not thwapped too hard by Management. (LOL!). Maybe next year I’ll be better. I doubt it, but one can hope, right? Though I’m sort of unrepentantly a rule breaker anyway…



      1. Please don’t worry. I also made it to the end, and cheated by doing X, Y and Z in one post. What are rules there for if not to be broken xx

      2. *waves hand in the air*

        cheating? I’d say it was purty darned clever! I’m hoping to actually go read other peoples’ postings once May is done. (WHY, I ask, is EVERY DARNED THING happening in MAY???!)

        Thanks Julie!


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