A Conundrum of C’s


It says, in that tiny print, “Carnival”.

C could well stand for the Carnival that is nilla. I’m often funny (or so I think!), often wildly outrageous, sometimes sad, sometimes loud, sometimes aghast at the amazing things that happen around me.

But pervies, this is a sex blog and our letter C must stand for more than a mere nilla-Carnival. There are some obvious ones, of course.

Cock-the velvety feeling of one on my tongue. I like looking at them (real life or online)…and imagining them.  Because, you know, porn, right? If I’m gonna watch fucking porn while jacking off, then it’s utterly silly to think I find pictures of cocks offensive. The taste, the feeling of his hands holding my head (holding me helpless) as he’s using my mouth like a second cunt? mmmmm. Oh gosh, how I love ’em. The hard thickness, the tenderness of them–and the potential of brutality. Mmmm…and where should a cock go? Yeah, yeah, I hear you thinking this…nilla, the cock goes where-ever He wants to put it. But in my fantasy? It should be in my….

Cunt. This is truth. A cock, that mighty sword of man, deserves a sheath. Mine, hers, whatever. But I do prefer mine (laughs!). Just stick that tool right in there and you’ll find the  world a better place. Hell, you’ll make the world a better place. Imagine the world with everyone happily fucking someone! Who has time for war? For anything. So, we might get hungry and poor, but who cares, right? Sex, my friends. It’s a global revolution… but I digress. So back to where I was going with my point…what happens when all goes well, with cock and cunt slipping and sliding along together, but that most special moment when he…when you…when we…

Come. Also spelled ‘cum’, I like the classiness of using ‘come’ as a juxtaposition to some of the grittier stories. Mean actions and proper language, it goes so well together. And there’s the action of coming…that melting, unmaking of one’s molecules until you’re aaahh…liquidly fluid and relaxed yet thrumming with energies just under the skin. That feeling, right there can lead to some awesome snuggle time and…

Caring. Call it what you will. Aftercare, snuggling, coming together with limbs locked around one another is the perfect way to reconnect with your lover/Dom/husband after a scene. That moment just before one of you snores off into dreamland is full of quiet intimacy, wouldn’t you agree? (This is usually the time that M decides to roughly, and I do mean roughly finger my sore and aching cunt. But again, another story for another day…!)

I’m seeing that the hardest part of the letter of the day is picking one damn word! There are so many good ones! I hate choosing. I tend to stick to the same old thing (ask Jz..!) but sometimes, you have to just buckle down and make that hard choice.

So all those other C words are great, but I think for now my favorite is Commingled. Fluids, bodies, hair, lips, tongues, fingers, toes…that feeling that we’re entwined to one another–whether there’s rope or cuffs or clamps or whatever in play as well, when we’re commingled, we are at our most together.

Websters says it far more succinctly: transitive verb. 1 : to blend thoroughly into a harmonious whole …

“Harmonious Whole” sums it up pretty nicely for me!

And there you have it, the thought of the day…


(I couldn’t resist!)