E is for…


I have many of them, some of which are quite mundane. I like to look at the little things in life. Small bits of moss on a log. Or the way the clouds skud across the blue sky after a storm. The way fog condenses drops of silver on my Japanese maple tree, or the curling turn of water around a stone in its path.

I enjoy pain.

I like the feeling of his hand on me best, even as I grunt or mew with the hot shock of it. The feeling of his skin, brutal, upon mine is sensually appealing.

I enjoy the company of a few careful souls. There are many I call acquaintances. But few that I call true friends. I’m not selective, but rather, reclusive.

I enjoy the seductive wetness of my pussy when I’m excited. The way the folds part for his fingers or my own toys. The slick and slippery glide inside me, the feeling of pressure and friction that sends me skyrocketing out and over the edge to sexual satisfaction.

I enjoy posting pictures of myself here…there are times when I’d rather not, I suppose, and that speaks more to the pressures of time and energy than the lack of enthusiasm for the task. I know it pleases Him, so it pleases me. But the taking of the pic, the uploading, the actual creating of the HNT itself I often find myself grumbling about. And hastening through…and then I see the first few pics, and hemmm and hawww about it, and get into it and discover the time I spent fretting over the “chore” of doing it was actually some fun and creative time with myself. Which does remind me…it is Thursday after all…for your enjoyment…!