G ee …Whatever Will I Write?

There are a hella-lot of “G” words. Just crack open any Webster’s and you’ll find pages of ’em. But I’ve hit my first A-Z Challenge Blockade! Who would have thunk it? I’ve written through an infection, a serious family illness, exhaustion, children interrupting, and freezing rain, thunderstorms….my gods, all you all, it’s been one hell of a week here.

And then there was G.

And….crickets. Geeze, I can’t even think of an insect that starts with g. Oh, okay, grasshoppers, but I’m thinking that’s not as good a metaphor as “crickets”, you know?

Golly, I’m really struggling here. Goodness knows that g’s been a decent letter in my writing. I mean, you can’t even spell ‘writing’ without one. Going back through my records I can see I’ve used thousands of them, from thinkinG to ponderinG to climaxinG (that one is a giant favorite, by the way!)…but can I write an actual post about G?

I feel a little bad about it.

G, you’ve been so good to me, giggling and giddy though I am. G, you’ve been there at the start and at the very end of every tale I’ve spun. You’ve helped my characters Grow and Go, and Glare and Grin, even Ghostly visitors. How could I have written Ginormous amounts of text without your being  a part of it all?

Thank you G.

You’ve been…great!

5 thoughts on “G ee …Whatever Will I Write?

  1. To help you in in this gastly week , grope ,g spot. I hope all is ok now and all health issues are sorted it good of you to keep posting with so much stress😍

    1. How on earth could I have forgotten GAGS under “G”???! I love that idea of a gag, even though they scare me a little and are gross with all that drooly face.

      And that’s what makes it hot, too.


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