K, Okay!

I’ve spent the last 24 hours arguing with my computer. After an auto-update (man, I HATE those things!) my protection software was blocking EVERY website I tried to visit. And here I was, letter K upfront and center and half-written in my head. Soooo frustrating. So NOT oK. (I know you saw what I did there…!)

So…with that frustration somewhat behind me (I’m kind of working through a backdoor to write this)

(OMG so SO so much sexual innuendo in that last semi-sentence I can hardly stand it!)

I’m now ready to forge onward, primarily so I can take my tired old ass to bed. 😀 Not that I’m trying to rush through a letter that is very fond to my heart. I’m sure nearly every other sex blogger who is working on K will at the very least touch on the quite obvious K here…

K I N K!!

I mean, we’re sex bloggers. Kink is what we do, an integral part of who we are in this space and time. Our very lives are imbued with a certain weirdness that makes us kinky! I have a personal opinion that everyone has a little kink in them. Not all are willing to show it, mind you, but I’d reason that a vast majority of people get turned on by some form of kink, no matter how mild.

I mean, as animals, we’re meant to feel all squishy and wanton when we see something that makes us want to mate. For pea-hens, it’s the pea-cock strutting his full feather fan, shaking his booty and saying ‘hey looka what I got for ya”. For nilla, it’s rope, blindfolds, and M’s hand. Our ultimate biological goal is sex for reproduction. In higher life forms, such as humans, sex is also for fun. Maybe *mostly* for fun. Okay, okay. ALWAYS for fun.

Well, it is, right?

Okay, there’s a group of fundies out there who just lay there and take it because it’s their duty. There’s the nasty dudes who are out to fuck. Anything. Anytime. Yay or nay. In fantasy, or play, that’s fine. In real, civilized life, not so much. But I’m getting off topic. Kink, my friends is as diverse as we are. Piss play was a huge thing for me in my early days. I was never so indulged and have veered away from actually wanting it…yet seeing it on porn sites always gives me a little tingle. A nasty little tingle, but it IS there.

Depending on the day, the more depraved (by societal standards) it is, the more it turns me on. The more violent the struggles, the more intense the fucking, the tighter the bondage, the more abused the tits are?

O man, that hits me *right* in my kinky places. I can’t explain it. I can’t stop it. I’ve come to realize it’s as much a part of me as my left nipple or my right big toe…it’s just…me. And really, now that I know I’m not “alone” in my perversions, I’m okay with that.