L is for Lookie Here

Okay, yeah, L is for a LOT of things. Those times when you’re hanging with friends and horsing around and someone says something that is both sincerely funny, and honestly stupid and you lift your pointer finger and extend your thumb and slap it up to your forehead in that universal “L” for Loser. Yeah, that’s a silly “L”.

And L is also for libido, something that comes, hangs awhile, leaves, lets me get all busy doing life and then comes back with a vengence. You know, just when I think I’m over all this kink stuff and my pussy is taking an extended leave of absence. And isn’t. I swear sometimes my libido is riding some kind of pendulum (isn’t all life, really?), and that I’ll never find a true sexual equilibrium, someplace nicely in the middle there between desperate want and disregard.

L is for love. For the love of my family, my M, my life. (L is also for life, and I’m so very blessed in mine.) Extend that into lover, and there is that deeper part of love, the action of love. (And the interesting dichotomy of NOT having a lover in my spouse for more than a dozen years–and yet having a pretty strong long-term D/srelationship. (weird, but true))

And L’s sadder side is loss. Friends who no longer are friends, or aren’t as close (physically or emotionally). Family and friends who are no longer walking the earth, a phone call away. The warm hug of my favorite dog, the soft purr of the sweetest kitty I’ve ever been loved by.

L is also, conversely to how I brought you down to a somewhat sad place there, for laughter.

OH, laughter! I laugh a lot. My son told me a joke the other day which made me laugh so hard I cried. M makes me giggle, and in the midst of playtime, I’m oft beset by wild laughter in the pure and absolute joy of being with him, of being abused and loved and sexed so well by him. The sheer absurdity of life makes me laugh more often than not these days. Life is really shorter than one thinks, and it’s simply too precious to not enjoy all the moments that make us giggle or grin or snort tea out of our noses!

And finally, L, as noted in the title, is also for Look. Since it IS Thursday and I DO have that rule of M’s…


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