P is Fun. (But is Pee better?)

Yes. I was. I was going to write a blogpost about pee. Because for a long time (and perhaps sometimes still) I had a fantasy/fetish about being peed upon. It’s gross, and it’s hot. It’s nasty, and it’s degrading…and it’s hot.

But I can’t truly get past the whole “piss in the mouth” thing. That, my friends, is a fetish killer for me. It’s not for others, so this is NOT a judgement, it just hits my own “squick factor” button. If I am watching a clip of piss play it turns me on. If it develops into piss drinking or piss in the mouth, *click*, I’m done. Maybe it’s because I’m the mom of boys, but whatever is the baseline, it’s just so not my thing.

So today’s P word can’t be piss, no matter how hot it is (clever double-entendre notwithstanding!).

I ponder some more, throwing P-words through my head like flash cards. Putrid. (uhm. No.) Pink. Labia. Still, no.) Push. Pull. Pucker. n…ow wait a second.

There’s  a word I can get behind. Pucker.

Pucker up for a kiss.

And yanno what else?

Your butt has a pucker too.

*laughs naughtily*

Yeah, yeah, so does mine but we’re talking about your butt here, not mine. That funny little puckery target. The dark-ringed tunnel of depravity. The bung-hole of unearthly delights. The perverted dipping well.

Oh baby fuck that ass!

Yes. I’m not a fan of anal. I know, it sounds like plausible deniability, doesn’t it?

She hates it unless she’s gettin’ it.

Yes. It’s true. I do.

But we’re talking about your asshole.  Remember? How vulnerable does it feel just now, now that I’ve drawn your attention to the susceptibility of that tight sphincter? Are you tightening up your thighs, your cheeks? Shifting a little bit in your chair? You are, aren’t you?!  I’m sure you’re sitting there feeling all protected. Your butt cheeks tightly clenched, protecting that dark rosebud of nefarious pleasures. But you know how easily accessed that spot is when you’ve been grabbed by a hunk of hair, thrown over a chair arm, the back of the couch, a bed, your pants yanked down roughly. No, your tightly clenched muscles are no match for the one who is planning on taking that ass, on lubing that passage with a quick spit of saliva, and a satisfying hard thrust to plunge, bowels deep, into your gut.

It’s not all that different from needing to take a dump, is it? (I told you. I live with boys!)

Oh, nothing really can match the feeling you have when you take a really satisfying poop, right? That fullness, semi-painful, followed by that sensual pleasure as it slips out of you, as your anus closes tight after stretching so far. So far.

It felt good.

It does feel good.

The in and out of fucking that tight hole? Well, it too feels good. There are so many sensitivity points along that quivery, muscular tube. Tied up in the physical feeling is the emotional: that feeling of being violated, of being forces, taken and filled in a dark and perverted way. The feeling of being obscenely stretched, of being used, fully. Then too, there are his groans, ones of pleasure. He has captured and taken his victory over you. His groans are the culmination of the pleasure of the hunt, and the pleasure of your hot, tight asshole. You know that while you’re struggling, your rectal ring is milking his cock, a tight band like a small fist around his shaft as he pumps into your so-very-tight hole. It’s an amazing sensation. It hurts, and yet when the rubbing gets intense, as he’s raping your asshole frantically, the spark ignites within your yearning pussy. It’s weeping for his cock, wanting to be full of him, waiting to be pounded into oblivion, but that thick man-meat is not thinking wet cunt, it’s thinking hot, tight ass.

As you come, as your empty, wanton pussy tightens and juices flow, so too does your ass tighten. He’ll groan louder, pound you harder. Your rectum will begin to burn and hurt, yet your empty cunt will weep even more to be the one he fucks.

You crave it.

Crave the pain. Crave the yearning for your cunt to be used as he’s using and destroying your ass. Crave the thick strands of his come to be filling your aching, empty pussy, instead of the deep abyss of your bowels.

He’ll make you hold it. No shitting this gift out, he’ll say. He’ll want to watch it ooze out of your now-stretched hole in it’s own time. You’ll fart from all the air he thrust inside of you, and you’ll be embarrassed when he teases you about it. If you’re lucky he’ll like your sopping cunt enough to finger you, or lick your throbbing clit until you come apart one last time.


*pauses, takes long breaths*

Pucker up, pussycat.