Full confession. I could not think of a good word that starts with R, or at least one that sparked any kind of writing/creativity. “Really” was one option, but really is a limited choice.

Did you know you can google “words that start with R, or any letter of your choice? A plethora of options will appear (the magic of the interweb never fails to impress me!) and there are list after list of such offerings as boggles the mind! Quickly skimming the list, I decided that I didn’t really need “rattlebrained” nor “Rastafarian” as my R word. I staunchly defend that I’m really not rattlebrained–at least most of the time! Nowadays we tend to call that disorganized (I’m not), overprogrammed (I am), or manic (maybe some days I can be frantic but not manic).

Anyway. There in the middle of the pack was Ravaged.


Ooooh. And yanno, it’s HNT day here at Casa de nilla. What better word of the day than ravaged? Because it so exactly describes what M does when we’re together. He doesn’t maul (yes he does), mangle (oh yes), or maim (mmmhmmm)…but all of them, ergo “ravage”.

I’ll include a “pristine” picture first…20170419_142355-1

soft, smooth skin. Not an M in sight, not nowhere, not no how. Safe for the nonce (though I would wish it otherwise, truth be told).

This would be an “after” photo:

20170228_131802-1 from our last playtime, my tits ravaged by his mouth and hands. Like this…


or this…

a weighty reminder

which became this after a few days “bloom” time:


Ravaged. It’s a good word, don’t you think?