So…here’s what I’ve been thinking. I’m hoping it comes out sounding coherent. If not, eh, you can ask me what the fuck do I mean and I’ll answer!

I have a few blogs and tumblr posts that I follow. One in particular that I love to look at while masturbating because the pics are pretty hot. *edit per H.H. politely requesting this*

Here is the tumblr blog that always makes me hot and bothered(and sometimes more bothered than hot, but we’ll get back to that!): kindlybeatingher

And the blog: Bondageblog

Here’s the thing that gets to me sometimes.

The comments. I’m not sure if it’s the poster, or the original poster or what, but sometimes the comments strike me as seriously creepy.

I’m an emancipated woman. We fought for the right to vote, to stand up and be counted, but there are some people who say “your place is on your knees scrubbing floors, keeping your eyes down and being obedient.”



Is this relating to a 24/7 couple? If so, yes, it’s totally, TOTALLY within their right to craft their dynamic however they see fit, however it works for them.

For. Them.

But it kind of scares me just a bit that this misogyny isn’t just pertaining to a playtime, or a role play or scene play, that this is what these men, and some women too,  truly, deeply believe. I guess it scares me because of that kid in California a year or two ago who killed a girl because she wouldn’t date him, because it was his right to make her do what he wanted her to. There’s websites dedicated to this mindset, and that scares the crap out of me. Not because of me, mind you. No one’s gonna go all hot and crazed over a 50+ old lady. But I worry for my daughter. And yours.

I don’t want a society that thinks it’s okay to rape girls, womenkind, because they want to.

Sure, I think rape-fantasy is something 99% of women have. Most feel guilty about it, and some want to role-play it (consensual non-consent), and some live in fear of that very fantasy.

Then there’s me (and others like me) who write about it. Because we know it’s a naughty, human, dark, dirty, terrible, terrifying, lust-inspiring thing to put our darkest fears into public forums to be absorbed by our readership and twist that fantasy button up into a tight little knot.

I’m a slut, and I fully own up to it here. I love to be beaten, fucked, ravaged. I love to be taken just however He wants me. I love to be told what to do, and how to do it, when we’re playing. But he’s taught me that it isn’t okay to live that way in my day to day. He doesn’t have time for it, and I don’t have that sort of … opportunity, I guess, with my kids being older and more clued in to what’s going on with mum.

So that’s my confession on a Friday night when I’m tired and thinking about things with my other brain. (I think it’s my no-filter brain!). I’m still going to masturbate to those wicked pics, and be turned on as fuck by them. But I’m going to remember one other serious thing.

It’s hot, except when it’s real.