T is Most Definitly the Tits

That was an extremely popular saying in the ’80’s. “It’s the tits!” Didn’t matter what it was that was “the tits”…a new movie, a cool car, whatever it was, if it was above and beyond the best and neatest, it was given that silly little expression! What a fascination tits are. It starts when boys are 10 or so I’ve noted with my own boys. It kind of shocks me to know that they are oogling other women’s breasts. I mean, they’re kids, right?

But they grow up, and turn into boob-fiends. I don’t know a single man who isn’t into tits. Or maybe it’s just the men I know? Haha.

Of course, women, too, are into looking at boobs. I am. I know, I’m bisexual, but even women who aren’t, look at other women’s tits. None of us can help it. We’re ALL boob fiends, aren’t we?!

But what is it about our mammories that are so enticing?


Is it that soft round curve as we lay on our sides or back? (Though at my age they’re not quite so perky when I’m standing up! Nor are they floppy bags, mind you!)

Maybe it’s that tight bud there at the tip?

Tip Top Tit Tidbits. That’s alotta T’s there!


Maybe it’s the grabbing of all that meaty, tender flesh? With things like these?


Maybe it’s just the random sneaky peaks…through hair,  or sitting, slut-patient waiting for Master to play with them, or peaking out of a shirt?

No matter what makes them attractive, they sure get a LOT of attention here!