U, The Unassuming but Busy Letter

I really like U words. They often are fun in the mouth (yeah, yeah, I know, things in the mouth, nilla, you must have an oral fixation, nilla…but I had to say it!) and they describe such a plethora of things. Take…ululate. I love that word. Yes. One can love words, trust me. I love to say it, love to use it if possible. It is often used to describe the sound of grief, this is true. However, it also nicely conveys that sound when a woman (or man, let’s not be sexist, nilla) is brought to an amazing climax…”She ululated loudly when he applied the hitachi to her clit for her seventh orgasm.” for instance.  Or “His ululating cries reverberated around the walls of the dungeon with every snap of the whip on his tender ass, and rose to a crescendo as the tip teased his balls on the reverse stroke”.  That would definitely create an ululation!

There’s also the similar word to ululation…..which is undulation, that sinuous, hopefully sexy movement I make when He has cuffed my wrists to my thighs and I am attempting to flop undulate my way across the bed, and away from whatever he’s doing to me at the time. (That was a champion, paragraph-long, run-on sentence there, wasn’t it? Un-believable!)

I am fond of unperturbed. It is a word that totally describes M. He has only been annoyed with me a very few times, because he is pretty unflappable. Things just don’t bother him (which perturbs me, btw!).

There are bunch of  “Un’s” that spring to mind.., unwelcome, unhappy, unwanted, unlovable. None of those are happy words. Un words are “not” words, and who really likes those? And it doesn’t work–where you would really want it to– as a prefix for words like fat, for instance. I’d like to be unfat, but instead I’m at an unhealthy weight, you know? Somehow it just sounds worse the latter way.

Of course, there is also Universal, which conversely doesn’t mean “not”, and instead means all encompassing. Isn’t English a confuddling mixture of rules and unrules? (I just made that last “un” word up!)

Which reminds me of another un word that does make me smile.


Which I am, whenever I am with Him. I wouldn’t go so far as to say he likes it…but he really does seem to like making me “ruly”!

(yes, it really is a word!)