Y, Y, Y?

Yanno,  I kind of struggled with Y. Jz and I had a lovely lunch together today, and she reminded me that there were two letters to go and two days left in the month (and frankly, I’m down to the last hour and 18 minutes of Saturday!) so I’d best get to it.

That’s one challenge rule I’ll abide by, getting all those letters done within the month. See? I can be a good obedient girl sometimes.

But here we are, down to that last, lonely letter, Y.

Youth? Ha, I left that behind decades ago!

Yin Yang? Well, I do feel that I’ve finally at last struck a balance between the vanilla me and the dark inner me. I’ve got balance with M, though sometimes I do  get a little pissy when I think He’s ignoring me. Because let’s face it, I do hate to be ignored. *snorts out a giggle* I would be a very unsuccessful “slut in a cage” because I’m just not going to sit patiently by, waiting to be tapped into service. Totally not my dynamic with Himself, anyway, because it just wouldn’t work. I’m needy, and what of it? Yin, Yang, I’m in balance with that.


Yes, you.

You have come and read here. The silly stuff, the weird stuff, the octopus stuff, the stories. You’ve come to peer into my maybe-slightly-more-than-a-little-twisted mind and imagination.

You are a big part of my continuing to write here, even though I have had some sporadic quiet periods.

Your comments are a blessing, though I confess to you all that I’m a full month behind, and won’t ever catch up…just ekeing out time to write almost daily was a challenge for me, and finding time to respond to you has been impossible to find. This working all the time is a bear for stealing my time away from writing.

You have been kind, and encouraging, and thoughtful, and understanding.

You get me.

You have NO idea what that means to me. I often feel quite dis-attached from this dark side of mine. When time eats me up until I’m a mere husk of sluttishness. When I can’t even summon the energy to masturbate (the HORROR!!). That dark side slinks down, hunkers inside a small dim corner, waiting until I find my slut mojo again. Remember, I can go a loooooong time waiting for that to happen–after all, it took me nearly a full decade to discover that there was such a thing as D/s, and that I was–at least in a perverted way–normal. Or more precisely–that I wasn’t alone in my thoughts. You have some of the same peculiarities that I do.

Y’all have some very dirty minds, you know. It’s very attractive. And because of YOU, it pulls me out of my self-imposed vanillaness and reminds me that yeah, it’s time to let the dark nilla out to play a while.

And finally, in my search for one more Y word that “fits” me…Yes. Yes Sir. Yes. Even “yesyesyesyessssssssssssssOMG Y E SSSSSsssssss”. You all can figure out what just happened there, I know.

Dirty minds think alike.