Bastinado Bastard

I was recently contacted by a reader who requested that I write a story featuring bastinado, or the tormenting of the feet. I’ve never really done this before, but here goes. ~n~

No FUCKING idea.

She’d had no idea that this would happen when she’d agreed to meet him.

“I’m into bondage,” he’d said.

She was into being tied up so that seemed to be a good match. He ticked off all the boxes on her “wants” list. He ticked off all the boxes on her “Dom” list. They’d written to one another nearly daily for two weeks, then texted for another week before they started calling each other. She was nervous~who wouldn’t be, when meeting a new Dominant for the first time?

Her nose itched, distracting her, though there was not a single thing she could do, arms tied tightly behind her back, hair hanging over her face. She couldn’t see, could barely hear him moving around the dungeon. Wiggling only served to make her swing gently, as the rope tying her ankles bit into her skin just a little harder. Laying on her side in the middle of the air was.

Was what?





All of the above, she decided. Unable to speak for the ring gag holding her mouth open, she tried making a few sounds. No reaction from Him. Air moved over her skin, crinkling her nipples. Her nose still itched.


Heat raced along her lower back, her upper thigh. After the heat came the shock of pain, the cracking sound of the thing He’d struck her with. A grunt exploded from her mouth, sounding more like a gurgle.

There you go, slut.

His voice came from nowhere. Everywhere. She spun slowly, feeling the lick of fire along her skin. Whatever He’d used hurt like a son of a bitch!


Again the sharp, sudden flash of heat, then sound, then pain. Across her ass, licking around her waist, flicking along her tits as she rotated on her truss. Her spin stopped finally. A hand grabbed her by the hair, a cock thrust  into her open, available mouth.

She gagged as he went straight in, straight down her throat. No gentle “here’s my cock, taste the tip like a good girl.” This was ‘your mouth is just another hole’. This was ‘I’m going to fuck you deep everywhere I want’. This was hard. He was hard. And it was making her cunt drip.

His voice sounded from behind her.

“You will be used.”

WHAT? If he -was behind her, who the hell was fucking her mouth?

She tried to squirm but that got her nowhere, as the cock wielder was holding her still by her hair.

“No squirming. You’re here to be used.”

A paddle landed firmly on her ass just as the cock drove deep into her throat. The locked scream made her gag, made her eyes water. Her heart raced as her body twitched. He held her head in place, her nose buried in his short and curly, tickling hairy crotch. The paddle walloped on her ass. She couldn’t scream. She couldn’t cry out. She couldn’t stop them.

The orgasm wracked her, her cunt spasming wildly. Dimly she could hear the spattering of her juice on the floor beneath her. The cock pulled free, and she drew a deep shaking breath as her eyes leaked, her nose oozed.

There was a long pause when nothing seemed to be happening, but she could hear voices murmuring behind her. Something moved between her legs.

“Since you like cumming so much, my dear…” was all the warning she had before she felt the steady hum of a vibe pressing hard against her pussy. Her clit throbbed from her orgasm and she whined at the touch of the head on the sensitive nubbin. She heard the snick of tape.

Shit! The bastard was taping it to her legs!

The cock slid back into her throat. Something new was being used on her ass, it was sharply stingy, likely a cane. He hit repeatedly on the sore spots of her ass, making her whine, even as the cock fucked her throat like a second pussy. Sensations. She was full of pain, of the taste and torment of a cock, of the pain-pleasure of the big vibrator humming on her cunt.

The tap-tap-tapping moved down her ass to the tender curve where ass and thigh met. She jolted as he hit her there, one of her most sensitive areas. The cock slid deep, silencing her, as her body shimmied in the tight harness of rope, trying pointlessly to escape.

He moved lower, until the tapping tool struck her heels, on the fragile skin rounding to the bottom of her feet. Her toes curled, her head tried to shake no, but the cock had resumed it’s slow and steady fucking between her tautly stretched lips. Those hands gripped her hair tightly, not letting her move away. Not letting her protest the sudden onslaught of her tender feet.


If her mouth hadn’t been full, she’d have screamed. She could feel that the blows, unlike the ones on her ass, were almost gentle in force, but the effect of each strike of the cane along her tender arches was like nothing she’d ever experienced before. Licks of fire ran from her feet, up her legs. Her back felt the blows, her belly. Her nipples squeezed tight and hard, her toes curled in meager defense.

There was no defense.

Spearing forks of heat,  far worse than the ones he’d stroked upon her body earlier with the short whip, dashed, white-hot, through her legs. The cock in her mouth pumped faster, the unknown man growling soft “oh yeah baby, fuck! Fuck!” as he came closer to his orgasm. She could barely pay attention for the tearing pain in her feet.

“FUUUCK” yelled the man raping her throat as he jetting hot jizz into her mouth. He pulled out to squirt on her face, tapping the jerking shaft on her chin.

I’m done,” he said, before another cock, beefier than the last, took his place. “It’s fucking amazing when she screams and your cock is deep.”

Suddenly fully aware of every inch of her body, she spasmed again, coming hard against the steadily whirring bulb of the vibrator. Shaking, stabbed with licks of fire from her feet, throat raw, she felt her belly clench again, felt the steady drool from her aching cunt.

Too much, she wanted to scream, but the fat cock in her mouth wouldn’t let her speak.

Something even thinner now struck along her arch, along her toes. Tiny slices of pain, like slivers of fire added to the shivering wreck of her body. She throbbed. Ached.

She’d never felt better.

Gagging when the thick cock jabbed into her throat, she whined around the beefy head as the bastinado worked up her feet towards her heels. One foot, then the other, slapped relentlessly, almost kissing the burning flesh with every gentle stroke. She tried to move her head back, away from the ramming of the fat-cock-man, but his short stubby fingers tangled in her hair. Her cunt spasmed again, the nerves in her clit screaming with the stimulation, the orgasm, the unceasing buzzing of the vibrator strapped there.

O Fuck! she wanted to yell. MAKE IT STOP!!

And at the same time…

never stop.

Hot fire, aching toes. Throat raspy and raw when at last fat-cock-man spurted on her tightly bound, purple-hued tits.

Fucking awesome when their titty bags turn this color,” he’d said, slapping the painfully stretched skin. She whimpered when they took the gag out, when they began the unwrapping of rope around her body. He laid her on the floor after lowering her, but left the vibe on, and attacking her clit.

We can’t take away all your torment now, can we slut? Can’t have you going through withdrawal. Say thank you to Master’s John and David for their cum.” 

He twisted her nipple as she struggled to form the simple phrase. Blinking hair and tears away, she tried to focus on their faces as they stood over her. Her voice was raspy and weak as she thanked them while her Dom tormented her nipples and the big vibe tormented her clit. The men exchanged more words as she lay there, uninterested in anything, too inside herself to comprehend.

Until his cock slid inside of her.

Her eyes widened, then all but rolled back at the pleasure of being filled.

My turn,” he growled. “I won’t be gentle.”


When she woke up Tuesday morning, her feet still ached. Days later and still there was that gently throbbing ache in her arches–and her cunt–that she’d been well used. She hadn’t been sure yesterday, so glad it was a long weekend and she could sleep and heal and remember.

But today, as she dressed for work, strapping on her heels, walking gingerly on her aching feet, she knew.

She was addicted.

And He, that bastinado Bastard, was her drug of choice.