Catching Up

It’s amazing the difference a round of antibiotics can make! I’m back, I’m feeling not just better–but GOOD. I’ve had a quiet weekend, with only a wee bit of work, and time to work out in my gardens a little bit. Dayam this rain has made the weeds grow …well…like weeds! They’re tall and starting to bloom. My gods–even the dandelions are feet tall! Unfortunately, any progress I made this weekend will be for nothing as it’s going to rain some more.

No more drought for us. We’re not at flood levels, but our lakes and ponds are all at max capacity so I’m really hoping a hurricane is not in the offing for the northeastern US this season. It’s even been chilly enough that I’ve had to have the heat on for a bit several times.

In fucking MAY.


*stomps foot*

I really need a touch of summer. I don’t even have a wee bit of gardening tan, since all my garden work has been in the cloudy times. When is it sunny? When I’m working of course. *grumble*

Okay, enough of that. Moaning won’t make that any better. And speaking of moaning…I’ve got my sexah mojo back. Boy the thoughts in my head. M and I have been bantering, and I’m hopeful that a playtime will be not too far in the future for us. He is a strange man, but he does make me laugh. I haven’t been able to talk for two weeks until yesterday and that was brief because he was busy. My texting has even been limited since I’ve spent more time blowing my nose than playing with my phone! So I asked him if he missed me, even a little.

“Sure Barbara,” he says, “I miss you…a lot.”

I pause, staring at the phone.  I finally respond:

My name is not Barbara.

It’s nilla.


He laughs. Pleased he’s gotten my dander up. That’s really it, in a nutshell-he stirs me up. And that’s all to the good.

Be good peeps and go do pervy (legal) things. I’m off to my bed.


2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. So good to know you’re feeling better. As im typing this the toads are clogged up on my morning commute and the rain is coming down. Bleugh.
    Hope u get sunny skies and a tan soon!

    1. I’m so hoping you meant “roads are clogged up” on your morning commute and not some sort of toad-ish apocalypse? It did give me pause…

      No sun today, dammit! Cold! Fog! Rainshowers! TURNING ON THE FRIGGING HEAT. Again. In May. Sheesh!

      Thanks for your amusing comment!


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