Knotty Problems

“Come along, slut, step lively!”

His tone was cheerful. As it should be, she supposed as she tried to not trip. In fact, she’d been saying “don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip” as a silent mantra during this entire hike. Easy for him to be cheerful, as the woodsy scent of his bug repellent wafted back to tease her nostrils.

She wore none.

Mosquitoes and flies and gods knew what else buzzed around her. She would have swatted them away, but she had to concentrate on not tripping. And with her hands tied behind her back it was impossible. It was annoying. And frustrating. And itchy!

A film of sweat glistened on her face, while a fine trickle of it ran between her breasts. Her shirt, had she been wearing one, would have been soaked by now. The sweat tickled. And itched. Everything itched.

Everything, that is, except for her nipples. Those ached. He’d tied each of her nipple rings to a thin twine, doled out 5 or 6 feet of length, and tugged them like a pair of reins. A pair of ‘reins’ tied tight on her nipple rings, attached to her sensitive nipples.

“Hurry up, slut,” he’d said as they left the campsite. And later,

“Step lively, slut,” as she’d carefully navigated her way over a rocky section of trail. Barefoot. Naked. Nipples tied and held in the hands of the one who would be more than happy to watch her take a trip, reef up her nips, get covered in dirt and who knew what.

“I’m tired,” she moaned, her bare feet aching. He stopped, walked back to her. “Need a drink?” She nodded, eyes down as he liked.


Tilting her head, she felt she must look like a baby bird. He poured a tiny bit of water onto her tongue.

“More, later, slut.” He tugged the titty rope, grinned as she yelped, wincing.

They didn’t walk much further before he stopped.

“Here’s good,” he said, his eyes darting around the area. It didn’t look any different from any other part of the woods, she thought. Trees. Dirt. Rocks. Stream nearby.

“Stand here,” he directed, moving her to stand between two trees. He dug through his backpack, pulling out more rope, a spring, other odd bits and bobs. And a huge anal plug. Oh joy. Could this be any funner? she mused silently. He knew she hated the anal plug. Which is why it was in there, she supposed. Why, why did she feel compelled to tell him when she hated something?

She was seriously fucking stupid sometimes.

Standing patiently as he played with the rope, tensions, the spring, she sighed. His eyebrows shot up.

“Am I…boring you, slut??” There was amazement and a hint of something dangerous in the tone.

“no..not at all Sir…I was…uh…tired from the hike. And the bugs, Sir.”

“Ah.” The sound was not one of acceptance, but warning. Sheesh. She’d much rather be home doing laundry, frankly.

His hands were around her waist, then slapped at her thighs.



She adjusted her stance twice, until he was happy with the space between her legs. She felt the tug of the rope down her asscrack, then threading up her pussy gap. Up over and around, then the two ends tied into a thick knot.

uh. oh.

He tugged, tightened, adjusted until the fucking thing pressed hard against her clit. She moaned. He slapped his hand over the whole bit–pussy lips, clit, and knot. She moaned deeper. It hurt soooo damned good.

He moved the rope and shoved the fat thickness of the ass plug into her pussy.

“That’ll keep you full.”

She squirmed. It was so much thicker than her favorite dildo, than his cock, even. He returned to his backpack, came up with whatever he wanted with a pleased “there you are!” and returned to her cunt. There was more pulling and tugging, and a sudden hmmmm.

“This vibe will make things interesting,” he said, patting her mons.

It only took him a few minutes more to finish tying her. A rope around her waist to the tree behind her, holding her in balance. The crotch rope tied, her nipple ropes tied. It pulled her nipples, hard.

“Funny thing, slut,” he said, grinning at her. “Your nipples are going to hurt soon, especially when I tie the last of my twine around each one. You can lean forward to release some of the pressure, but that will pull your crotch rope tighter, and pull that knot tight and hard against your clit. You’ll have to decide which will hurt the most, the least. And of course, that vibe will keep your clit excited, swollen and needy. Not enough vibe to come, of course. But close. You’ll enjoy that.”

He laughed seeing the expression on her face as he pulled the twine for her nipple wrapping from his pocket.

“Oh, okay, so you won’t really enjoy it.”

His hands worked quickly, wrapping the first strand of twine around her nipple until it jutted out, ring pulling the tender tip away from her tit. She could feel the burn as it began to swell, moaned a little bit as he began to tie the other nipple tightly too.

Once done, he leaned forward, took her chin in his hand, looked into her eyes.

“But I will. I will enjoy every moment watching you wiggle and squirm and fight the pain. And when I’m done watching you, I’ll fuck your ass.”

Bending down, he picked up the pack, pulled out an apple, took a bite as he sat on a rock not far away from her.

“While you’re still tied, of course.”





10 thoughts on “Knotty Problems

    1. Someone was recently “caught” in just such a situation. Can’t remember if it was in Maine or Vermont or the Whites, but it was all over my newsfeeds! Ticks could *definitely* be an issue…

      nilla, grinning

    1. Sometimes I just go off the deep end with wacky stuff…but the day to day details? That’s the stuff that we can ALL relate to!

      Thanks for commenting, ancilla ksst!


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