Ooooh Myyyyy Gawd…

I forgot what a mean Bastard he is. And the delighted laughter that comes from him when I say that to him. Right after a few hissed “fuck YOU!”‘s have come out first. I forgot how much he enjoys being mean…and immediately being kind…and immediately after that, slipping right into mean mode as I relax…

Never relax your guard around a Dom on a Dominance High. Like…ever.

I’ll write more once I can sit longer. Right now, I’m drained, empty, and yet so full.

And it hurts.


Hurts a lot.

But dayam it’s so amazingly, fucking good, too.

10 thoughts on “Ooooh Myyyyy Gawd…

    1. Thanks abby…I’m not sure I’ve stopped smiling yet. Boy, despite the hurt, I have so much energy!!! Like my batteries got a total recharge!

      (I so needed that!)


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