Stuff and Updates and Nattering On…

Howdy! I’ve not had time to sit and natter at you all in a long while. How is it that the older we get the less time we have? I’m not an empty-nester despite my age, so that’s a part of it, but man, life is busy. I’ve decided that it beats sitting around twiddling my thumbs, but there are days that thumb-twiddling seems a bit enviable! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do for a living, but between that and all the other life-things that constantly need attending, I’m flat out.

Okay, not “flat”…*snickers loudly*…you’ve *seen* my HNT’s after all. Though I admit that age IS definitely adding saggage faster than I am liking.  I’m pretty glad we have gravity, but …somedays it’s a drag. (I’m falling over laughing, you guys. Man, I kill myself with my own humor.)

I’m writing this late in the night, (can you tell, by all the silly slapstick humor already?), and also late in the week, but you won’t see it until “it” is happening.  It’s Sunday morning, and you’re having breakfast, or lounging in bed scanning porn and here I am with a new post. But I’m busy so I can’t  wait until Sunday to write, because I’ll be too busy doing it.

What it?

C’mon, y’all are smart…Doing. It.


M and nilla are finally having another playtime. Our second of the year, which doubles what we had last year. (Last year was a tough year for both of us). We’ve not had face time nor play time since late January or early February. (I’m bad with dates!) Anyway, it’s been a while. But as you read this, I’m getting ready to head out and meet him. He makes me nervous. Being nervous makes me aroused. Being around Him arouses me. Basically, I’m gonna be wet and wanting for the next bunch of days, soon to be ‘handled’ as you sit there with your bagel or toast, coffee or tea.

He touches me, I melt. Smacks me? Oooh heaven. Last time we played, I squirted when he slapped my pussy. He still teases me about that. Hi, I’m nilla and if you smack my pussy I’ll be your squirting slut tonight…


Nah! Not here!

What else is going on? Gardening, but this here is a sex blog and I’ll bet you don’t care about my Shasta Daisies.

I don’t have Shasta Daisies.


Yard work. Again, sex blog. Boring! I colored my hair. Boring. I masturbated and came so hard that I almost fell asleep with my dildo (still on) in my pussy.


It’s not a story, but it’s true. So, not boring. But when I snapped out of that post-orgasmic haze, I did giggle. Please tell me this happens to you when you masturbate? Sometimes?


*no crickets allowed. You must share your silly masturbation story with me*

(I may be a submissive slut, but I’m a bossy one!)

Seriously, life here has been this yawny? INDEED it has! But…after you read this, and sip your coffee to the bottom, and shake your head and say “oh nilla, you silly slut”, you’ll pause a moment and go “I’ll bet there’s going to be some juicy stuff ahead (pun intended!) in her blog next week!”

And it’ll have to be next week because He makes me so blotto that it takes me 48 hours to recover my brain cells. The peace, though. OMG. There’s nothing like it, is there? Mostly the demons in my head are quiet these days, because I just don’t have time for them, either. But M puts all my worries and fears and confuddled emotions in a box, and stomps on them and hands me the box back when we’re done playing, and as I pry open the sides of the box, all the things that have haunted at the back of my mind have turned to pixie dust, and I’m free. There really is no better gift.

Well, other than the bruises, and sore places.

Thems is puuuuuurty awesome, dontchaknow?

*laughs again*

And if you’re really good (or in our case, really naughty), I’ll share. You know. Once my brain crawls back from between my legs.





8 thoughts on “Stuff and Updates and Nattering On…

    1. Thanks JB! It was fun, and painful, and wonderful. Nothing like a nice playtime, a hard spanking, and lots and lots of orgasms…!


  1. Hurray for time with M. Go do your thing we’ll be here waiting for the report when u recover. Sounds like a lot of fun in the making!

    And yes. I’ve fallen asleep with vibe in hand. I manage to turn it off tho. Masturbate – cum – switch off – coma.

    1. Thanks fondles!! I’m not sure I’ve “recovered”…I’m so bruised and sitting is *still* painful. But it’s a delightful sort of thing!

      I’ve taken to leaving my lamp on low when I masturbate…but sometimes it doesn’t help the coma stage at all… 😀


  2. Ohh…so happy for another play time..and even will be happier when you report on all the juicy bits…I can so identify with the quieting of all those voices……such peace of mind. hugs abby

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