By Special Request, HNT!

oOooh my what a fuck of a day! I don’t believe any day is a total goner, because there’s almost always something salvageable about it…today’s positive? No one died. (by my hand, either!) And there was ice cream at day’s end. *nods* Things are always better with ice cream.

If I drank often I’da had a serious problem today, just sayin’.

But I digress. I’m very very late because of all the things that didn’t go as planned …but I’m still posting ON HNT so there! And because a certain reader was intrigued by being bitten on the ass…(and omfg did that hurt!)…today I bring you HNT with no tits. No, pervie peeps, today, HNT stands for Half-nekkid Tush.


Drumroll, please….

ah c’mon…





I need to amend the title. Because the bum shot is NOT half nekkid. No, it’s full-on nekkid. Holy Nekkid Tush! There ya go. Okay, do continue with that drumroll now…and give it some effort will ya?!



Thank you, that was better. (you pervs need to work harder on that, because I am SURE the Doms reading here could beat out a good drumroll…*giggles*)





Although those blue circles COULD be the size and shape of my eyes when He bit me, it’s really just marking the spots where he did bite me (all the rest of the bruises are from spanking, pinching, and his various assortment of beating things.) Funny, from a distance it almost looks like a certain famous mouse who lives in Florida (and SoCal)!

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