A Good Weekend

I’m going to tell you right up front that this is a pretty vanilla post. Okay, maybe I’ll have a bit of M and nilla story, but no promises. You know that I write pretty stream of consciousness, so we’ll see where it goes. Consider yourself forewarned!

My weekend was pretty awesome. I got to spend several hours with Jz on Saturday. We trolled a local mall, saw some fancy schmancy stuff  (I’m a rube, and easily impressed by Swarski crysals and ball gowns). We had an awesome lunch with an incredible view and some great conversation. It’s really neat to spend time with someone who gets this whole lifestyle thing that we’re in. No need to weigh every word for vanilla nuance, no need to explain about this or that…she gets it. We speak of families and mutual online friends, then leave the restaurant and walk through the lingerie section, talking underwires and support, cup sizes and how her breasts are totally defying gravity despite our similar ages. I think because I’m closer to the ground than her, gravity pulls my boobs harder than hers. Just a private theory, mind you.


We look at panties too, oohing at pretty ones with lace and satin. It’s a totally vanilla D/s time for us. Doesn’t that sound like an oxymoronic statement? We’re not sexual partners, just friends in the life. And gosh it’s soo good to be able to speak freely.

I got home just in time to miss the rain, and got to do some house puttering. There’s something rather virtuous about that, isn’t there? A little of this, a wee bit of that and you feel like you’ve accomplished miracles!

Today (Sunday) was a gorgeous day in New England. Almost zero humidity, temps in the mid-80’s. My kind of weather. We’ve had a pretty cool summer up here in the northeast..and they are saying later this week–the middle of July, mind you– we could see some pretty chilly weather, with highs barely breaking 60. What a strange summer it’s been. And wet. So very wet.

Normally, slut that I am, I don’t mind a bit of wet, yanno?


But this weather has been MORE than making up for the last two summers of drought. When you have mushrooms growing in your back lawn, you’ve pretty much had enough rain!

M and I have set up a time for our next playdate. If all goes well, it will be our third this year…We’ve not managed to do that in several YEARS! Wow, we’re enjoying the hell out of one another.

We were laying in bed on our last playday and he was assaulting my nipples with his mouth and teeth. My gods his mouth is dangerous! He lifts my tit high, high, stretching it painfully..by my nipple in his teeth. He growls (how exciting!) and shakes his head, making my tit wobble and shake. He growls again, drops it, then attacks it, chewing and sucking it.

It is lovely. And it hurts like hell. When he takes a break, I whisper “I’m really glad I don’t have pierced nipples.”

“No,” he says, looking up at me. “You don’t ever want to do that.” His eyes glint fiercely, a predator to the core. I feel trapped by him then, a kind of wild, fearful (wonderful) thing.

It made me shiver, and get wet (again). I knew if I ever did, I’d live to regret it. I know he’d savage them, and likely destroy my nipples. The idea of it sometimes still appeals, in that stupid painslut fantasy world I live in sometimes.

I won’t.

But I’ll imagine it, nonetheless.

8 thoughts on “A Good Weekend

  1. ahem! You forgot a disclaimer for editorializing and hyperbole…
    (I’ll give you the underwire, oh metal-free one, but I’m gonna call you on the gravity thing! ;-p)

    1. Ah. I figured I could editorialize, since I’m the writer and editor. But yes, that gravity part was mostly in my head and just got woven into the tale. I believe we were interrupted by something else when I was going to say it. 😀


  2. LOL @ Jz’ comments. Smiling at this entry….Our weather has been much like yours…much more appropriate for…ahem..indoor activities, but headed your way next week, so please appease the weather Gods….Hmmm, maybe you could find some ‘fake’ piercings…you know just to see what happens….lol,,,hugs abby

    1. Next week looks good! Thinking maybe the weather gods have heard your fervent plea?!

      Enjoy your time up here in the Northeast! It’s so beautiful much of the time.


    1. Oh I do, I realllly do. But his warnings I always take to heart. His eyes are quite unnerving at times…and I saw the Beast when he told me NOT to get them pierced…(however tempting it might be…)

      PS…you’re the very devil, aren’t you, Sir Tip?!

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