It Hurts

I moan as he slaps my pussy. We are laying snugged close together. I’m on my back and unable to move as he is laying on my hair (deliberately, of course). He lays on his side, his mouth moving between fierce kisses on my lips, and ravaging attacks on my nipples. He has fingered me to many orgasms before, and during these multiple sensory attacks.

It hurts when he slaps my pussy. He is not gentle, not quiet little thuds that excite, but hard, full handed smacks that make a very explosive sound in the room. They do not excite me. Rather, they make me wild. I arch, pushing up at him as best I can. The pain is so raw, my poor pussy having spewed tons of juice, my ‘love tunnel’ (eyerolls at self for that one) is swollen and throbbing and tender.

When he pounds on my cunt this way I have but one reaction, one thing I want more than anything.



I wiggle and writhe wanting his hand to never stop hurting me this way. I come, squirting against his palm, and he laughs a deep and throaty chuckle.

“You dirty little cunt,” he says, so amused. His hand continues to smack me, and now my clit throbs, post-orgasm. It hurts, my lower lips must be red as tomatoes, but still I want it. I feel the heat from the pussy spanking, the need building even more quickly this time. I come, arching and keening wildly as my body trembles and shudders through an enormous orgasm.

He slips his fingers inside of me then, when I’m nearly unconscious from the force of my coming undone. They stay still, just biding their time. As I come around, I feel the thickness inside me. My voice is heavy, drugged with lust and hard use. I think I must sound drunk.

“Zir…” I moan. “Iz zore..sossososo zore…mazzterrrr…”

“I know,” he croons softly into my ear. “Shhhh…” he soothes me, hushes me.

His fingers pound into my aching flesh then, a wild raw taking.

“Shhhh,” he continues to croon as I cry out, moaning, head thrashing.

“Oh….oooohh…” I cry  “hurtzzzzzz….”

“I know,” he murmurs, tone gentle and sweet. “That’s how I like it.”

I come in his hand at that, and soak the bed.

2 thoughts on “It Hurts

  1. M is 1 hell of a lucky man tö have a dream girl like you. Lucky git. So by the sound of it you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. Good girl

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