Just Random Stuff

I had a whopper of a sex dream the other night. Woke up and thought “I’ll remember this” and fell back asleep. When I woke up for reals?

Couldn’t remember one fucking thing.


M and I had a playday planned soon, but we’ve had to bump it. Grrr. MY life is so CRAZY!! Hopefully we can make our combined weird schedules coincide not too far from our original day but man, this stuff used to be easy! Now that my kids are older, and he’s working some weekends, it’s truly a juggling act.

However, we both understand the importance of seeing one another more often, so we keep pushing until we do get it to work. It WILL work!


I’m busy in a good way, too. When I’m not working, I’m out in the yard (a lot more this year than it prior years.) It’s AMAZING therapy! Even if I am fighting the curse of creeper vine. That stuff has been loving our strange NE weather. First a heat wave last week, and barely–I mean barely–broke 60 today. Brrr! But the plants are loving it, even if the humans had to dig deeply into closets to avoid freezing.

The cool nights are GREAT for sleeping, however, which is also good therapy. Anyone else struggling to make 5 or more contiguous hours of sleep lately? It’s great for the mood, increasing the libido…

…And maybe another good sex dream?

(there’s a notepad beside my bed now…)


I had the dirtiest masturbation fantasy the other day. Like seriously bad, awful, hot, nasty, omg I can’t believe I fantasized that.

Man oh man did I squirt.

I’m just so bad like that!


Okay, time for bed…wait…what?

What’s that you’re saying?

OMG, you want me to tell you about it? *blushes* Geeze, I’m not sure I want you to get the wrong idea about me. (Or would that be the right idea? Tired and confuddled.)

Okay, let me think about it, because this tired old slut is going to bed. With a few blankets tonight. And hopes of time to think about writing that dark tale down.



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