Unethical Behavior

“I see here that you have no family? No one to take you home after your procedure?”

“I’m planning to Uber it, Dr. Melon.”

“I see,” he said, looking up at her over her chart. “And no one at the other end to help you get in, get you settled?”

“No, Dr. I’m pretty confident that I’ll be okay. I have a friend who is kinda on call should I need her.”

“Very well then, let us proceed with the examination, and we’ll go over your options.”

The doctor lowered her johnny and probed her left breast, the right.  He pinched her nipples gently, hefted them in each hand.

“Well, you have good responsiveness in your nipples, and that might change after the reduction. I think you have a fair amount of breast tissue we can do something with. I’m going to do a further test, and we’ll set something up for you.”

“Yes doctor,” she said, shyly tugging her johnny up to cover herself. There was a definite blush in her cheeks as she took the cup he handed her, after mixing some pink powder in it.

“No need to be shy Ms. Morrison,” he chuckled as she hesitated. “I’ve certainly seen my fair pair of breasts over the years!”

Her blush deepened and in her embarrassment, she chugged down the glass of whatever it was. Sweet, with a slight salty-ish tang….


“So you gave her the hormone powder already?”

He nodded, fastening the last of the buckles around Ms. Morrison. Tugging the last strap tight, he nodded to his ‘assistant’.

“She’s good to go. She should sleep for the next several hours.”

“That’s good, because the last one that you sent me woke up halfway there, and cried like a fucking banshee,” was the terse reply.

“As I recall, you have definitely enjoyed the fruits of that ‘banshee’ rather often.”

“Well ya, cuz now she’s screaming for a whole different reason.”

“Multiple orgasms will do that to a woman.”

The two chuckled and the ‘assistant’ wheeled out the gurney to the waiting ambulance.


She awoke with her tits throbbing painfully. Trying to reach one, she was confused by the metallic clinking. Tugging her wrist was futile, it turned out, as her eyes began to focus. She was handcuffed to a bed.

“Oh my god!” she yelled. “Help? Help?”

A figure came towards her, one she vaguely recognized in her befuddled state.

“Calm down now, Ms. Morrison, we don’t want to interrupt the process. Your body is undergoing some rapid transformations just now. While you were asleep, my assistant and I began injecting you with a wonderful cocktail of hormones. Your tits probably hurt some, as they are growing and filling with milk.”

His hand reached over the edge of the barred bed, stroking her swollen tit. She arched, moaning. Even the light touch was painful, her tits were so huge.

“Aaah, I see. You’re ready for your next milking.”

Her eyes widened, and she shook her head.

“I…I can’t have babies…I…I can’t make milk….You…you’re…insane!”

“Oh, lovely slut, I’m far from insane. Do you realize what people will pay for titty juice? Oh my, they pay a fortune! A chosen few will win a very expensive trip here to suck your milk direct from your swollen jugs, and for a ridiculous fee, will be allowed to fuck your cunt, which is swollen and tight and juicy.”

His fingers slid down her body, entered the cleft between her legs. It was then that she realized she was naked, and chained open. As his fingers slid inside of her, she felt an orgasm crash through her.

“Yes, that’s another side effect of the hormone cocktail. You don’t have to be pregnant, we simulate those lovely little hormones, and your body will orgasm with the easiest of touches. You’re going to be horny and crazy for people to fuck you.”

He paused, stroking her inner thigh.

“Which I assure you, there will no shortage of volunteers to do.” He paused again, then lowered his zipper to reveal a large, swollen cock. “Including, of course, me!”

She came when his cockhead brushed her lower lips. And had yet another orgasm as he pushed inside of her. She moaned when he did , when he was jammed fully inside of her. Her cunt squeezed his shaft tightly, a hot and wet velvet fist, as yet another orgasm shuddered through her.

A single drop of milk leaked from her left nipple.


Ay-yup. this is it, my nasty fantasy. Being kidnapped, milked, fucked to oblivion. It’s pretty fucking awful…. (and yet so awfully hot…)   ~nilla~


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